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Get Well Travis and Adam!!!
Has anyone ever falsely been diagnosed with diabetes. I had a FASTING lab done and my sugar was 271.?
Could there be a mistake. My diabetic mother-in-law says not to take pills because I will become dependent and my grandma says not to believe the doctor because she is wrong. I think that believing the professional that took the time to get a degree would be best. What do you guys think?

If this is the first time that your blood sugar has been tested, I would advise you to repeat it after a few days and till then not to start medication. There can be some mistakes in a lab. Get the next test done elsewhere.

Diabetes can be without any symptoms so, it is better to be sure before deciding that it was a false alarm.

Blood Sugar Management

Wal-Mart testing supplies

Diet Guidelines

I think that if you truly fasted at least 8 hours before the draw (including nothing but water), and your result was that high, I would be concerned.
Some things to keep in mind: Are you sick, How was your Urine specimen, Are you overweight, etc?
You can try to bring down your sugars via diet, exercise, etc first. Sometimes, you will need to take some type of medicine, either by mouth or by injection, to help you while getting your sugars under control.
Three healthy meals a day and two snacks is the standard method of diet. Eliminate colas etc.
You cannot become dependent on diabetic medicines unless you have been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 (juvenile onset). Trust your doctor and do exactly what he/she tells you to do. Diabetes, left uncontrolled, can cause damage to your vessels, eye sight, etc. You should also start inspecting your feet regularly for cuts etc. People with high blood sugars like yours cannot heal as quickly as everyone else.
End Point: Take control of your sugars by following the advise of your doctor. Sorry to your family, but they are wrong. Hope this helps...good luck and best wishes for future health.

First of all, insulin isn't a narcotic, you don't become addicted to it. Second, if you are diabetic and Type II, you don't necessarily have to take insulin unless your diabetes is beyond correcting with diet and exercise.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY: if your fasting blood sugar is 271, that is OUT OF RANGE. Sure it can be possible to have falsely elevated glucose levels, but not that high, and not usually on a fasting sample. A level such as that one indicates diabetes and you should listen to your doctor and allow him to help you maintain your sugar. You won't be prescribed insulin unless it is necessary, and if you ARE prescribed insulin, you had better take it, this isn't something to mess with. The damage that occurs to your body from diabetes is irreversible and people have lost their eyesight, limbs, and renal function from not taking care of their diabetes as they should have.

That sounds like diabetes, but confirmation with a hemoglobin a1c is indicated. Then, take whatever medicine you need. Type I needs insulin.

Athena C
Have an A1c run and see. That is the best test to have.

Your family is giving you bogus information. You can not become dependent on diabetes medication. You might need it all the time but not dependent on it.

Diabetes can be controlled by diet too but its REALLY hard to do it without medicine too.

Get an A1c test and if the dr still says you have diabetes go see and endocrinologist and nutritionist to help you decide what your options are.

Listen to the Doctor not your family. Check the American Diabetes Associations website for good info.

Until you see a specialist assume you have diabetes and follow the proper diet.

Use measuring cups and spoons and watch what you eat.

diana lmt
There are 3 ways a fasting blood sugar could be wrong. 1) there could be a mistake at the lab. It does happen. 2) a man told me that he did not eat, but his idea of fasting involved a 12-pack of beer. What you drink matters as much as what you eat. Fasting means water, tea and coffee without sugar. 3) a medication could throw off the results.
In any case, go back to your doctor. You cannot become dependant on diabetes medication and it sounds like your grandmother just doesn't want to believe it. Diabetes is serious.
If you can, get the book "Beat Diabetes Naturally". You can get it from Rodalestore.com. It tells you a lot of things that a lot of doctors don't know. Some people can be cured. But you have to work at it.

Conduct HbA1c test.

Well, did you answer honestly when they asked when you ate last? If you think the results are wrong, talk to your doctor and see if you can get another test.

Do you also have a family history of diabetes?

I am diabetic and if your blood sugar was that high whether you were fasting or not you have a problem.I will tell you this,when you go to your doctor tell him to try and find a medication that wont make you gain weight.To give you an idea.When I first found out I was diabetic my fasting blood sugar level was 310.I take 4 mg of Avandia and my level fasting is 90-120.Before you found out your blood sugar was that high did were you always thirsty,constantly peeing,and have no energy?Those are all signs that your blood sugar is too high.

Have you followed the required procedure to take FBS (fasting blood sugar),if not than there is a mistake.
Pl follow the procedure and do test again.
If you have done,you have joined more than 11 millions of Americans with your entry,you will enjoy a long life just follow the
Diabetic Rule Book.

Firstly, realize the people who are telling you not to believe the doctor and not to take pills MIGHT be in denial. Possibly, they love you to the point where they don't want to believe that you have diabetes. Excuse the pun but diabetes is a hard pill to swallow.
Since you are probably very young, there are possibly things that you can do to offset the onset of that dreaded disease. They are:

a) excercise as though you life depends on it. It does!
b) drink lots and lots of water to flush your system.
c) get your sugar level tested frequently to see how you're doing.
d) treat sugar as though you're allergic to it. Avoid it like the plague.
e) pray and be vigilant about taking care of yourself.
f) Take it seriously. Diabetes affects many, many of US.

Check with your doctor to make sure that I'm right. Far be it from me to give out anything resembling medical advice.Wishing you the best!

there's always a chance that lab results could be inaccurate or get mixed up with someone elses. there's a bigger chance they are correct and the doctor is right. if you have a glucometer you should be checking your own blood sugar anyways and if your diabetic you'll know by the higher readings! my husband is diabetic and he had other symptoms such as fatigue, increased urination at night, and increased thirst! you could always get a second opinion. i'm a nurse and not taking diabetic meds could lead to blindness, kidney failure, and amputation of one or both of legs. diabetes can cause alot of other things, it's best to stay on top of it.

There is certainly a possibility of a lab error, but it is a lower probability than the results actually being accurate. If you have a sincere question of the validity, ask your doctor to repeat the labs.

Do you have any "older" blood sugar values to compare with? Say a non-fasting sugar level that was high?

Diabetes is not a disease to be taken lightly. The side effects are severe, and miserable. Blindness, impotence, nerve damage, kidney failure, and gangrene of extremities are all very common side effects. If there is a chance that you indeed have type 2 diabetes, DEAL with it...take the glucophage or avantia or whatever the oral meds were. Control your eating habits. Exercise. Don't let your sugars control YOU...YOU control them, or the outcomes are disastrous, believe me. I was recently diagnosed myself....through diet, meds, and exercise I've got my fasting sugars down below 120 routinely. And I feel better all around.

I personally haven't, but I think you need to talk to the MD, like you said. They can do a quick 'fingerstick' in their office to reassure you of the results. Also, did they do an A1c? That test is more reliable, shows your sugar over a period of months, rather than one random test. But, the doc would very likely want to reassure you, so talk to them, or at least someone in their office. Some meds can raise your sugar also. Not treating diabetes creates havoc on so many different systems in your body, so please take your docs advice, tell them if you're concerned, and take care of yourself!!!!!

fasting 271 is full blown diabetes and you can either take your pills or have a stroke, go blind, have a heart attack, etc. Your mother and grandmother are giving you bad advice on this one.

Listen to the Dr. and take the pills, monitor your blood sugar often and follow a good diet.

a non-diabetic will not spike to 271 after eating candy and ice cream. Fasting I am 70-80 and after a sweet meal or dessert, maybe 135-140. That is normal. 271 never is.

If you are diabetic you need treatment! Ignore what your grandmother and mother in law say...they are not health professionals. You are right to put your trust in the doctors.
271 is very high for a fasting blood sugar and its unlikely to be a mistake with that margin of error (normal is below 170 for fasting).

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