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I read many times that Metformin is obviously used for Diabetes type 2 and also read that it is given for the specitif reason for weight loss.

I want to discuss this with my doctor only he ...

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 Is honey bad for diabetes?
if you use honey in tea or coffee instead of suger.
eat honey with cornflex and milk
are they ...

 My wife is a diabetic and she regularly takes pain medicines for her back. Should these ailments cause her to
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 Could I have diabetes?
I have been very thirsty, and drinking water doesn't seem to help.
I have headaches that only go away when I eat something. It especially helps if it's something sweet.
Sometimes I...

 Need to Learn about Diabetes!?
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 Is ¬® instant hot cocoa mix ( no sugar added ) safe?
this product is made by ambiance ( smart and final ).
my kid is 10 years old and is diabetes 2. we had a bad experience with ¨slim fast low carb diet ¨shake when his ...

Fasting and Diabetes 2-- Is it safe?
Is it safe to go fasting if you are type diabetes 2? I want to fast for 24 hours and wanted to know if anyone has done it.

There is actually a fasting treatment for Type 2, but you need to do it under a doctor's care.

You could get hypoclycemia. Not a really good idea.

Paramedic Girl
NO, it is NOT safe to fast if you are diabetic.

Baby girl here!!!
no way, you can become comatose

Please discuss this with your doctor. While I don't have any experience with fasting I know a couple of Type 2s that fast once a week for religious reasons. Your doctor knows best.

Mark G
The only type of fasting a Diabetic should ever do is when the doctor requests that you not eat after 9:00pm because he wants to do a fasting diabetic blood test the next day.

London Catlover
I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last August and I was told not to miss a meal and to snack between meals to keep my sugar in check especially at night. Your liver will still produce glucose even while you are sleeping so having something to eat before bed helps burn the sugar. The only time I fast is before I go to the Dr. for a blood test for diabetes. Then I go downtown eat and then two hours later I go back to the Dr. and have another test done. This gives him an accurate reading for my glucose level. I would not recommend fasting for 24 hours. I have to test my blood before meals and two hours after once a day so it would really screw up my medication.

^ Fasting is not safe, you could go into hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) shock, it's very dangerous, I used to fast every so often to cleanse my system, I asked my doctor when I became diabetic, I'm type 2 also, and he told be no diabetic should fast, unless it's for medical reasons and your under a doctors supervision. I hope this helps.

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