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for the last 3 days ive cut out all and istill cant get it below 18 im not a diabetic but i have got an appointment at the doctors tomorrow.thanks for all the answers ...

Caitlin S
Extremly thirsty, aniexty, i have to pee a lot....?
i ask a question earlier about this,,,,but i have a few more questions about it, im 5'5" 124lbs. and 16 years old..im always thirsty, i pee all the time...when my blood sugar was tested it was 81 and my pee was fine....i got some anwsers of type 1 and type 2 and diabetes insifilus (sp?) and things all realating to diabetes and sugar and all those things is there anyway that it would have to do with something else? maybe kidneys? im trying to get as many possiblities so that when i go to my doctor that theres posibly and he doesnt just say that its nothing...cuz he pretty much said that when i went it...and i kno its not just nothing....so i just want to know all the possiblities of this again...i pee all the time, im extremly thirsty, i have 2 anxiety attacks in the past two days, i get extremly shaky and cold but i dont have a fever, ive had diareha (sp?)....i also get very hunger along with being thirsty but more thirsty...and i get really tired....

well yeah it could be a sign of kidney failure, blatter infection, and/or low/high blood pressure

Hi.You said that your doctor checked your blood glucose level and also your urine.If it was diabetes,it is highly unlikely that your results would be normal.Even a kidney disorder would show some changes in your urine.Anxiety disorders could have the same symptoms that you mentioned,read this article.The fact that you mentioned you had 2 anxiety attacks makes this a even stronger possibility.Even if your are ultimately diagnosed as having one,it is not 'nothing'as your doctor says.You will need some help.Good luck.Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

What goes in must come out.
How much you pee relates to how much you drink.

This is true even in diabetes. (High blood sugar makes people drink more liquid to dilute the sugar and so the body can excrete the excess sugar )

Frequency, (going often but not peeing loads) can be due to infection or anxiety.

Mudder/ Gi
It does sound like diabetes. But let the Dr test you to be sure. The anxiety attacks could just be nerves because you are worried about what is wrong. Relax, sounds as if it is diabetes you have caught it and the Dr can regulate it.

If it is believe me it is not the end of the world. I didn't find out I had Type 2 until I was late 40's. It is working out okay and I take a pill not injections.

Smile and Happy Holidays!

Ok, there is one syndrome that I know fits all of this and is usually either not, or misdiagnosed.
First off, do you have any other symptoms:
Weight gain and/orve trouble losing weight?
Male pattern baldness or thinning hair on the scalp?
Hair growth on the face, back, or chest?
No periods or irregular periods?
Is your mother or her sisters or any of your fathers sisters overweight or apple shaped? (legs below the knees are fine, face is fine, just heavy in the middle)
Do you have frequent diarhea or constipation?
It could be PCOS and most docs miss it, especially at your age when the major or troublesome symptoms may not have developed. Do some research on it, don't just use the link I have posted as the absolute on this as it is a syndrome not a disease so not eveyrone has all of the symptoms....and anxiety and depression do go along with this for many of us.
the A1c test (your doc should know what it is) can help to diagnose it, in fact, many docs use just that and an ultrasound to make the final DX. I've included a link for this as well.

EAT!!!!! you are suffering from LOW Blood Sugar Eat Eat Eat NOW


I have what you got. Doctors had a hard time pinning down what was wrong. It's in the Diabetes family . It's called Insipidus Diabetes. That means your hormones are not working properly. I got tested and found out I was low on alot so now I have to take HGH which is Human Growth Hormone. My pitutary gland was damaged and becuase of that my body wasn't functioning properly. A neuroligist found this out by taking a MRI of the brain.
Then he sent me to a endrocdine doctor who did blood work and they found out that from theat I had Adult Growth Hormone Defiency. You can look all this up on the web and it will tell you more about the disease. Go on wedmd.com and look up all this.
Look up Pitutary disease, Insipidus Diabetes, Adult Growth Hormone defiency. I started with a neuroligist and he got me on the right track from there.

Thirst is a sign of high blood glucose, so you shouldn't get hungry with your thirst. You should have your kidneys and liver functions checked to rule them out. It's your pancreas that produces insulin, so have that checked as well.

If you are having anxiety attacks, you should seek phsychriactric help. They can provide you with medication that will help you cope better.

dr c
Try 3 or 4 different docs, Caitlan.

But to me, you are describing diabetes, absolutely perfectly!
These things can be controlled.
Try a few docs, and work with them, whatever it is.
Also try dietary improvements, PLENTY of exercise [I found helps me enormously].
One other thing you could do is find a GOOD naturopath - natural medicine 'doctor'.
But in everything, Good ones are not always easy to find!
But that goes with everything these days!

I asked my doctor is i could be a diabetic, for the same reasons you listed. all the tests stated no.
I watched what i drank, this can to 72 oz of liquid a day. exceptable amount.
This amout of liquid causes you to pee, the many times day could be a problem you could check out with a doctor.
Aniexty, for me, is from school work.

your body only has so many ways to respond, many diseases have similar symptoms.. 81 is a normal blood sugar. if this doc isnt takin your symptoms seriously than see someone else....... diabiates inspidious is very serious you dont have that! your probably dont have diabetes at all but a HGBa1c will determine that once and for all....it gives a 3 month average of your blood sugar....
anxiety is not a symptom of diabetes unless its way out of whack.....
track how much you drink and how much you urniate.... maybe your peeing all the time becasue you take to much in....
how long have you had diarrhea? a day or two? months? their is so much you cant learn by asking this question here...
keep a journal of your symptoms......

Sweety its called being a teenager! it maybe a mild anxiety causing you health problems

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