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 Help,nhs helpline or call out a doctor?
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 Diabetics! The past few mornings I woke & stretched my legs as usual only to get a bad pain in calf & foot.?
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 Is it possible, to control diabetes, with just eating control plus exercise?

 How does eating rice affect diabetic patient?
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 How unreasonable is it, and what can I expect as an outcome?
The first grade has recess at 11:00, lunch at 11:30 and the next snack is at 2:30pm.

My daughter is a type 1 diabetic. Three hours is too long, especially where preceded by recess (...

Shirley B
Does rice turn into sugar?
I was told not to eat rice because Im a diabetic is this true?


sure rice and bread , all kind of pasta turns into sugar after digestion, so eat as little as u can-rice and pasta.

Who told you not to eat rice?

yes, my dear

Rice is loaded with carbohydrates, which when digested break down into sugars. White rice, because all the fiber has been removed from it (that's why it's white instead of brown) breaks down very fast and can cause surges in your blood sugar levels.

Brown rice should be fine, because it has lots of fiber to slow down the process of turning the starches into sugars, but it has a very different taste and texture from white rice. Personally, I like it better than white rice most of the time.

Mr. Georgia
It does...... most foods like rice turn to sugar in our bodies.

yes.... please avoid eating to much of rice if you are diabetic

White rice raises blood sugar up about 70-80 points, whereas brown rice raises it about half as much. Brown rice still has the shell on it so it has a more nutty flavor as well as adding fiber to it.

If you are diabetic, stay away from white rice, white flour, refined sugars, corn syrup, corn, carrots, etc. They spike blood sugar like crazy.

I run...
If you've ever put a starchy food (like rice) into your mouth, and leave it there, you may notice a sugary taste after a while. This is because starches like rice are broken down into simple sugars during the digestion process, first by the saliva in your mouth.
So just stay away from really starchy foods.

White rice does as it is not whole grain. You can eat brown aka wild rice.

Spiral Wizard
It does turn into sugar. But not table sugar it turns into "blood sugar". It's your bodies inability to deal with blood sugar that contributes to your diabetes. I am assuming you suffer from type 2 diabetes.

But just know that you need to stay away from simple starches such as white rice, potatoes, and pasta, because your body will break them down very quickly in your digestive tract and flood your blood stream with this "sugar."

Talk to your doctor about the glycemic index which will tell you which foods metabolize to sugar faster in your diet and which ones you can eat more often.

But generally, stay away from any thing that is a "table" sugary sweet or is a highly processed food (white bread, pasta, etc.)

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