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Does insulin have a smell?
I can't find anything about this online, but I've noticed an odor to insulin that no one else seems to. It's not just my imagination, or a certain type, because not only was my ex-boyfriend a diabetic who used insulin on a daily basis, but my stepmother and my cat are both insulin-dependant, and I notice the EXACT same odor. It's odd. It smells almost like nail polish remover, with a hint of disinfectant, but I've been told, both by my ex and my stepmother, and by a doctor, that insulin has no scent. So...what am I smelling? It's not that disinfectant-y hospital smell, and I only notice it when I'm around insulin. I've noticed this in doctor's offices, hospitals, and even right this moment, as my stepmother is testing her blood and taking the dosage of insulin she needs. I would have figured diabetics would notice this smell, but apparently not. Help me out? Thanks. <3

If you smell this on a person it means that they are not properly medicated. Could be sign of something serious called ketoacidosis. Ask their doctor to check for sugar alcohols or ketones in their urine.

This is some serious stuff. Get your stepmother to a doctor today, emergency room if necessary. She is at risk of death !!!

Don't mean to scare you, but we see this too often in the emergency room.

Good Luck !!!

My wife, who is a diabetic claims insulin smells like the residue from novacaine. In fact I just placed a small amount of insulin on a paper towel and it smells the same to me.

Joe D
I think Anita is closest to describing the smell, like band-aids, similar to an antiseptic odor. Could be the smell of the suspension fluid. It never bothered me, though. I try not to spill it in quantities that would make a difference. :)

Miss Beotch
yea it smells exactly how you described it

Insulin does have a smell, at least to me it does. When I was a young child my dad was a type 2 and took insulin twice a day. I used to help give him his shots. He died I was 15. At age 29 I was diagnoised with type 1 and started insulin. The night of my first injection I told my husband i could recall the smell, it reminded me of my dad. It took me a few weeks to get used to the smell it reminded me of him so much.
Funny thing is the insulins my dad took is not the insulins I take but that smell is all the same.

west f
BAND-AIDS! Insulin smells like band-aids, that was probably the first thing I learned, it is normal.

I am diabetic , and yes insulin has a terrible and weird smell to it, almost like some type of chemical. I use novolog and I have also used humulin and they both had that same kind of smell.

Cathy :)
You're not crazy unless I am too - insulin definitely has a smell - it's very distinctive (nothing like ketones! no one is going to die from smelling like insulin!!!) and a bit hard to describe but definitely there! I don't notice it as much as I used to so maybe you stop smelling it after a while, and obiously you can't smell it through a vial or penfil etc. - maybe that's why they haven't noticed it? squirt some onto some paper or something like that and they won't be able to deny it. A little while ago I was filling my pump resivoir and pulled it too far and the end (and all the insulin) fell out (it's a bit like a syringe) - it stank! I've no doubt it has a smell! xx

yes insulin does have a smell to it

Yes, Anita has the best answer! BAND-AIDS!
Unmistakably, insulin has a band-aidy smell. She gets my vote.

To me it smells like band-aids.

Who thumbs downed me? It does smell like Band-aids and I have the support of three other people that say the same thing. Thanks guys!

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