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Mrs J
Does honey have sugar in it? I mean added sugar.?
My husband is diabetic but he can have natural sugars. It's only a problem with added sugar like that of table sugar.
I bought some honey today but it doesn't show the ingredients.

Honey has no added sugar. It is pure and natural right from the bee hive.

If you're buying pure honey, then there is no added sugars.

Just make sure to look at the ingredients. It should clearly say on the front of the bottle "100% pure honey"

if it's 100% then it's just pure honey. i'd ask before you give it to him though, my eldest and i aren't allowed it because of the natural sugar level in it.

No added sugar BUT honey is sugar pure and simple! Just as molasses is a product of sugar cane. The only difference is the bees do the refining. If you add sugar to sugar you get sugar but the label would be misleading.

Peppermint Patti
I use Honey to bring up my sons sugar level when he's passed out, by rubbing it on his gums. why would you use it , makes no sense to me.

♥ terry g ♥
Even though honey is all natural with no added sugars, it is so loaded with natural sugar that it is not good for diabetics. My doctor told me to avoid it completely.
Be sure to discuss any questions like this with your husband's doctors. Maybe talking to a dietitian would help too. Best wishes.

Been There~Done That!

Not pure honey.

You seem to believe that the challenge of diabetes is sugar. That is not true.

Cane sugar is a natural product.
It's all about the carbs.I believe Honey has more carbs than pure cane sugar.
You both need to learn how to count carbs and adjust meds accordingly.
I suggest a great doctor, a dietitian and diabetes ed classes.
Read everything you can that was published in the past five years.There are books and magazines.
The patient and his loved ones are in charge of diabetes so educated yourself. Get a book of carb counts and be well.

If your husband is really diabetic he should´t have any sugar, no matter if its natural or not. Most types of sugar gets converted inside our bodies into glucose that is the type of sugar diabetics can´t handle because of the insulin deficiency or malfunction..
Honey is mainly ALL sugar, he should´t have it.

Honey all 100% sugar that's natural, but that does NOT mean that your husband can eat it. It will send his blood sugars soaring. You need to get informed about sugars. ANY sugar is bad for a diabetic, think about it, all sugars are "natural" or from organic sources! Sugar is sugar.
Your husband should be steering clear of all sugars and using artificial sweeteners.

If it is in America, pure honey means the producer can NOT add any sugar. Therefore, it should not have any added sugar. However, if it is imported, some countries allow to feed bees with the sugar syrup which eventually will be converted into natural sugar but if the farmer extracted honey too early the table sugar does not get enough time to fully convert into natural sugar. It is always good to stick with US produced Grade A honey.

I strongly suggest to get doctor's advice before you let your husband have honey. My father became diabetic after consuming large amount of honey in his daily food.

Baby girl here!!!
It is a natural sugar, a bit higher than regular sugar. limit it to 1 tbs per serving size. It does not mean he cannot have it!! it is all about moderation. Just because you have diabetes does not mean you cant enjoy your foods. Just a taste is safe, ask your dietitian or doctor they will agree!

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