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john smith
Does diabetes make you angry?
does diabetes make you more angry.because my dad has diabetes and he's not the same he gets angry off the littlest things

I have type 2 diabetes and if I get high blood sugar I get very angry at myself for not being more careful about counting my carbs. I am not angry at anyone else although, it may appear that way. I think this is very normal. I hope this helps you understand what your dad is feeling.

Oh yeah,it definitely can.First of all if he is doing what he needs to do to keep his blood sugar under control it can be frustrating.(If he takes insulin)Also when blood sugar is high it can make you prone to lose your temper.I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about a month ago,my blood sugar was sky high,and I would lose my temper very quickly.Now that I've been treating the blood sugar it was a complete turnaround!

It makes me angry that my dad has it lol....

I don't think so my dad has always had a bad temper..he got better and then he was diagnosed with diabetes and he got the bad temper back...

I think it's just that its frustrating and it's always on your mind...my dad has to pee a lot, check his sugar, watch what he eats, take constant breaks at his job...it's a lot to worry about..i can understand why the anger sets in.

I worked with a guy who had diabetes and he was a psychopath. He, however, did NOT take care of himself. He'd forget to take his shots, he'd neglect to eat breakfast.. etc.. And sometimes he'd snap for no good reason. So I'd say it's possible.

jenna W
it is possible i have diabetes and when i have highs or lows i some times get angry but just till im back under control.

im not that innocent
When people with diabetes have a high blood sugar, they can be a bit irritable but everyone with diabetes reacts differently to high and low blood sugars.

It depends on many things. A person could just have some serious anger management issues and happen to be a diabetic as well. It is not like, "Person X is a diabetic and so they have a short temper." That being said, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) makes most diabetics very easily irritated, mostly because of the sudden confusion, headache, shakiness, etc. If you were experiencing those symptoms suddenly (onset for hypoglycemia is very quick), you'd get a little pissed off too.

Also, there could be another reason for the irritability. Since diabetes is a chronic, uncurable disease that has to be followed up with every single day, there can be some frustration and anger that comes along with being newly diagnosed. Give your dad some time if he was recently diagnosed.

When they have high blood sugar they can get really annoyed but if managed well..it does not make you angry. Sometimes annoyed but not angry!!
I would know
haha been a diabetic for 12 yearsss :]

Pure Noob
I don't think Diabetes directly makes you angry.

What will make a person angry is simply living with the fact that all of his kids now will be prone to having Diabetes, (Diabetes is hereditary) and he will always have to watch what he eats, take medicine (Or eat extremely well, and excersize regularly not to take pills).

Some people, when they have to make a complete life style change and re think everything they have had personally planned in the future, it makes them angry.

I personally wouldn't blame anybody. That would piss me off too.

Best thing you can do is just help them through it. Put yourself in his shoes....

Being a adult, especially during a mid-life crisis can be compared to losing a leg. You have to re-think literally everything.


♥ terry g ♥
If diabetes is uncontrolled people can have mood swings. If I'm too high I get tired and can be miserable. When I'm too low I tend to be confused, cannot focus and can be short tempered.

Mr. Peachy®
It used to. But that was back when I was depressed, in denial, and didn't take proper care of myself. Getting control of diabetes is a challenge, but once done... there's no reason why one can't lead a happy, normal life. It's a lot of work at first, but it gets easier with time.

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