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Does black coffee help in reducing sugar levels?

One thing that reportedly will lower blood sugar is cinnamon..

There is some evidence that drinking coffee prevents Type 2 diabetes.

For Type 1 diabetes, coffee appears to reduce nighttime hypoglycemia. An article about this research is found below.

Becky W
no only medicine or insulin will help lower your blood sugar levels.

never head that is does if you hae sugar levels high then you are diabetic and you need to get to doctor asap. go to specialist and don't mess around they can help you over 100 means you are diabetic.

You will probably find evidence pointing both ways, but as long as I don't add sugar to it (which I haven't for many years), I don't find any impact on my sugar levels due to coffee.

There's an interesting discussion on the topic of coffee drinking among diabetics in the link below, in case you are interested.

Hope this helps.

From a recent study I read, it can help keep it stable for awhile. Not keep it steady all day long

Alicia M
I drink coffee most days. I have not noticed a change on the days that i do not drink coffee.
I would say, from my experience, it does not lower blood sugar levels


Mr. Peachy®
Drinking coffee can help you avoid becoming diabetic according to several articles I've read. I'm not sure how it works. Don't really care either. I'm already diabetic and I drink lots of coffee. Doesn't seem to affect my sugar one way or the other.

Actually caffeine raises blood sugar in some people. Go figure!

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