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Does anyone with type 2 diabetes feel hungry all the time and tired?
Just wondering if anyone else has this problem....
Does anyone know why....
Additional Details
some one with a real answer not someone out for the 2 points please!!!

i'm diabetic and i get hungry and tired when my sugar is high. if you're not taking any meds due to the lack of the insurance, cut out all carbs that you can from your diet. no wheat, rice, potatoes, corn, sweets. they're all so high in carbs that they really elevate your blood sugar. try to stick to meat and veggies only.

brenda l
Yes, I also have type two diabetes and when I don't take my medications my diabetes get out of control then I become very tired all the time and I eat like crazy. I dont make the mistake of not taking my medication anymore since it has caused some degree of kidney disease. You mentioned you dont have insurance. Please find a free clinic to help you control your diabetes. It dosn't take long for uncontrolled diabetes to cause complications in the body.

you lost 5 points buddy...

My grandpa has DM2 and he always feels tired. All he wants to do is sleep. They need their rest. I dont know about the hungry part..sorry

It could be low blood sugars, but I am betting it is more likely HIGH blood sugar. You are describing one of the primary symptoms of uncontrolled blood glucose. You need see a physician and have blood work done, particularly a Hba1c test. This will show what your Bgl has been over a long period. You can also get the home test at any pharmacy. I'll bet it is elevated.

I go through cycles, dear one. There are days I cannot eat enough food to satisfy me and days I am just not hungry. I just recently started adding Benefiber to my meals to buff up my fiber intake. This is helping my hunger patterns.

My doctor and I seem to have hit on something that works for me, though, most of the time.

I take a Starlix 30 minutes before a meal and Metformin 500 mg 3 times a day. If I stick with this regimen my BGL are consistently under 130.

I also found that a 15 - 20 minute walk in the mornings help, as well as 10 - 15 minutes of exercise in the evenings.

I wish you luck in finding some pattern that works for you. It is so frustrating to want a fudge bar, but eat a carrot instead...sigh.

Chin up, luv...be strong for yourself and change your life up to find what works for you.

Well, it is good that you are aware of your illness. First of all make sure you are receiving good medical treatment because if untreated, this CAN LEAD TO problems with the eyes, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, and nerves. It it BECAUSE your BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL IS RISING, sometimes even you might not even notice at first. It is mainly because you PANCREAS NOT MAKING or not ENOUGH INSULIN (key substance for foods with sugar to enter the bodies cells go get energy and function well) It is why you might feel tired and hungry because your body is not responding well. But please, allways take your meds..and if you did not know, THERE IS NO CURE for Diabetes Type 2, only treatment! Gool luck, and god bless you =)


Willy Average 317537
Yes your blood sugars are Lowe.Eat crackers or a slice of bred no butter or spreads.Fruits are good too.

Rolling Stone
Yes. I too have the same problem. I have come to the point of taking a nap every afternoon. Some times I really don't want to but my body (or maybe my mind) tell me I need to. I have found that when I stay active during the time period I usually take a nap I do OK. It's when I take a break or start feeling a little bored that I start feeling tired and/or when my blood count drops too low. Taking a glucose tablets, drinking a non-diet soda helps a lo to combat things when my blood count drops too low. If I am involved in something I like doing...playing a sport, with friends, semi physical active, I find that getting tired doesn't happen quite so often. As far as hunger goes...peanut butter has little or no sugar and carbohydrates in it and maybe coupled with a no sugar jelly sandwich or on crackers or on Quaker rice cakes seem to make a quick snack Some fruit is helpful too. Hope this helps and I know exactly what you mean.. .

god love use yes yes yes !!!!! but most of the time when i do feel it if i just get something small I'm OK. as far as tired yes i am i cant seem to sleep so good at nite by nature i am nocturnal. a lot of people try to give advice like if u want to sleep more then 5 hours at a time don't eat so late.so u BS wont be so high that it keeps u awake. i hate that 1. if i eat 5 or 6 small portions a day like we are suppose to, and someone see u eat more then once during the time their with u i feel i have to explain my self.I have no insu. either but i do check it often my 4 yo niece loves to stick my pinger (as she says.)as for why i really done have the answer just didn't want u feel like u the only one out there with the same problem.

Stefanie W
if you feel tired all the time and hungry, then your sugars are higher than should be and/or you do not keep your sugar levelas stabalized to what they should be. these are classic symptoms og high sugar

Yes. Only when my blood glucose is low. I try to keep it in the normal range most of the time but there are times when I go low or real high. If I get really low, so far just a couple of times, I would fall asleep and wake up 15 minutes later! So far that has happened on weekends at home. With no Insurance and not qualified, you must still get the needed control. Most major diabetic companies will provide you their products for free or minimal costs. You just have to ask first!

When a healthy person eats, they should feel energetic. The word "calories" means "energy". Most diabetics do not feel energetic after eating because their bodies don't convert the food into energy.
When we eat, our pancreas secretes insulin and sends the insulin to go grab the carbohydrates-protein-fat and escort them to the individual cells (the microscopic parts of the body that convert carbohydrates to energy; also called metabolism).
Diabetics who do not pump out their own insulin (from their pancreas) must pump it in via needle. Insulin is like a raft that carries the carbohydrates to their destination. If insulin does not secrete, there are no rafts to take the carbohydrates to their destinations...this is why the blood sugar is higher; it measures how many carbohydrates are still in the blood stream waiting for a raft to carry them to other parts of the body.
The best way to resolve the sense of hunger and address the issue of fatigue can first start with the following:
1. Eat smaller portions of food, but eat more often throughout the day.
2. Focus on protein based food and limit simple carbohydrates.
3. Stick to an American Diabetic Association approved diet.
4. Increase Omega oils and enzymes to help break down food into energy. (Garden of Life has some of the best supplements for diabetics)
5. Supplement your diet w/ plenty of fiber. Fiber keeps your gut lining cleaned so the receptors that signal insulin to secrete are working. Many type II diabetics struggle w/ obesity and constipation. A great source of fiber and plenty of antioxidants is Monavie. Email me if you have questions about this drink...I have personally taken it and actually have lost weight without trying...it's just a great side effect to the added energy when you take it. :)
7. Exercise! Weight training is the best thing to lose weight and increase energy!

I know this was long, but hope it helps. I'm an RN and specialize in endocrinology. I also take care of my mother who has been diabetic for 20 years.

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