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Does alcohol lower or raise blood sugar levels?
I keep hearing both so which is it?
and what makes the difference if both? types and such.
also if you were testing fasting glucose after drinking a little the night before how would this effect the result?

Alcohol turns to sugar in the body. So, I believe it RAISES blood sugar levels.

Joie Ange
Alcohol raise sugar blood levels.
Alcohol it self contain sugar 6 X higher than natural sugar.
No alcohol and soda could lower sugar blood lvls.

Mike J
Raise! The calories are insane.
Alcohol is something that a diabetic, or a person worried about getting diabetes, should never touch. It's poison for the endocrine system.

Timothy C
I would see it increasing it since you are consuming carbs, but at the same time the alcohol will be diluting the blood slightly so I am not really sure.

they all increase the sugar level. especially beer or wine which have a high content of sugar in them in the first place.

it lowers it.

trust me i know i have to take alcohol classes

The danger of alcohol in insulin-dependent diabetes is that the person could have hypoglycemia (LOW blood sugar) while those around him/her think that the person is just drunk. This could have fatal results as the person may be in critical need of treatment for hypoglycemia.

Senator D*L*P™
Some alcohol lowers your BS, but gives you a higher reading on your meter so you have to be careful when drinking. I asked my friend Allison who is also type 1 a few months ago. For more information, go to this website:


In the forums section. I don't know the link, but my friend Allison is the moderator and you can email her if you need to know anything else. They also make diabetic beer. There is a manufacturer out in Oregon who makes it.

Alcohol does do both. It first lowers blood sugar levels because of the alcohol content. Then, as the drink is metabolized by the body, it raises the blood sugar level, so you have to watch out for both.

The initial lowering of blood sugar happens with really sweet drinks, also, but the blood sugar will lower to a lesser degree because of the high sugar content in the drink.

By the way, the alcohol that does the least raising of blood glucose in the body (after the initial lowering of blood sugar) is Scotch.
I learned this from my doctor when I was attending college.

If you drank a little the night before (depending on your definition of little- 1 drink?) it would raise the fasting glucose test results the next morning, because the low blood sugar would have occurred at night and metabolizing the drink would have already begun, so the blood sugar would be higher in the am.

Katrina M
The "pure" alcohol itself lowers blood sugar.

The mixers (juices, sugared soft drinks, etc.) can raise it.

Calories by themselves DO NOT raise blood sugar. CARBS DO.

First raises (depending on type of drink) then lowers. So like you drink a high carb beverage and it will go up, but then the alchohol makes it drop again. Not much difference in an overnight test.

Mr. Peachy®
Don't believe any of the misguided folks here. Read for yourself from those who know:

"augments insulin secretion and causes temporary hypoglycemia " (that means it lowers blood glucose)

I've researched this myself... it definitely reduces blood sugar (temporarily). The calories don't go away though. After the drinking episode, the sugar will go back to normal or it could actually go up. Chronic drinkers, like I used to be, get the added benefit of "beer belly" which is just another tool we use to become diabetic... along with poor diet and lack of exercise. So, beware and drink wisely.

At least one person (first answer) has done their homework.

Daddy's girl
i lived with a guy once that had diabetes..while he tried to always drink light beer,,he still would have high blood sugar! yes alcohol does affect your blood sugar, & it's a long answer how,,the ingredients of the type of alcohol you are using may differ,but they come from something that had to ferment or go to sugar of some form...

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