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Do I have diabetes, will they cut my legg off?
Everytime I eat something sweet it's either my leg (usually me leg though), or my arm that hurts in the inside. I don't really eat much but when I have a cup of soda or a cookie my leg hurts in the inside. I see people whos legs are cutt off and I am told it's because it either had cancer or diabetes. I am super worried, PLEASE help mee.. :( I am 13 years old

If you keep thinking about it, it is bound to happen.

just dont get a headache or off with your head!


I got 2 points for this answer
Stop eating sweets

Becky W
i had lost my leg due to diabetes but it started from an ulcer that i had on my ankle and we could not get it to heal. if you do not have a cut i would ask my doctor about it.

Go to the doctor.......most people who lose there limbs due to diabetes. Do not take care of themselves. Diabetes can be controlled and all your major concerns can be prevented.

I don't know why you are experiencing weakness in your limbs....it could be poor circulation.

Diabetes can inhibit the healing of wounds and cut off blood flow to the legs, which leads to gangrene and evenutally amputation. It is the leading cause of non-traumatic amputation in adults in the world. This isnt something you should have to worry about if you take care of your diabetes.

Lazy G
You are probably fine, but you should have it checked out because there is something called Diabetic Neuropathy which can possibly cause pain like you are describing. (see link below).

Luckily for you it should be easy for the doctor to check your blood sugar, there is no reason for you to continue worrying about this because you can be tested and know for certain. Either way you will be better off than not knowing.

If you test negative, think how relieved you will feel. If you test positive your life is far from over, diabetic people are just fine as long as they take proper care of themselves and don't ignore the problem.

Taking care of your health is just one of the many challenges of growing up and you can face this if you try.

Call the doctor and explain your concerns, or talk to your parents and tell them you are worried and would like to speak with your doctor.

only your doctor can tell you that. don't take advice from someone who isn't your doctor. tell your mom about your problem and go see the doctor.

being diabetic wouldn't cause your arm or leg to hurt if you ate or drank something sugary. i seriously doubt it could be bone cancer since the pain only seems to occur when you eat junk food. you are just being a hypochondriac. educate yourself on diabetes, cancer, and amputation. not all diabetics lose there legs and not all amputees are diabetic.

I doubt that you have a problem, have you told your mom ??, if it is a concern because of the pain , maybe a visit to the Dr. and tell him or her what your feeling , can probably set your mind at ease.

debbie d
my dear if you have a chance of being diabetic and your worried, then take care of yourself, you sound like you already know what to do and how to stay healthy,eat properly, stay away from the high sugar foods, there no good for anyone, not just people with diabetes.plus get ex cerise, a good amount of it, i was borderline, with change in diet and ex cerise, i turned back the hands of time, my brother, oh wow, he was rushed to hospital from his symptoms, was put on shots of insulin, they put him through classes and told him if he didn't change his life style he wouldn't be around to much longer, well that was enough for him, he went home got rid of all the bad food, stopped going to fast food restaurants, stopped drinking pop, no more candy or sugar stuff, it was hard at first, he didn't feel right going out with friends, he cant drink, his fast food place that is safe, is subway, he lost 90 pounds started exercising, eating better and now he looks awesome and doesn't have to do shots or medication anymore, he turned it all around, I'm so proud of him, you can do the same, and if your worried, go see a doctor, now, dint wait till its to late, OK now that Ive written a book, hope this helps, goodbye for now.

old lady
This is not a question for the internet. This is a question you should be asking your family doctor. But what you have described is not a symptom of diabetes.

Jovi Freak
hahaha, ive been diabetic for 22 years, have eaten sweet things too but hey Ive got ten fingers, ten toes, 2 legs, 2 arms and a head and both ears, so nope they won't cut your legs off.

they might have to take your teeth out though if you keep eating all those sweet things.

You are a young girl so you have a long life ahead of you...if you keep your diabetes in good control! You won't have to worry about amputation if you do not develope diabetic neuropathy. Also check your feet for cuts or sores everyday. If you have any, keep an eye on them. If they don't heal, tell your parents and get to the doctor. You will be okay sweety!

You need to follow your Dr's advice to the letter. You must cut out the foods that make you sick and hurt. It is plain and simple.

You must also take very good care of your feet. Make sure your nails are trimmed. Dont let your feet develop sores. Your feet are greatly affected by diabetes. My father has it and takes insulin injections daily. Sweets are only in the case of low blood sugar.

Please be careful and read up on as much as you can. Take care of yourself and you wont lose anything.

Check out webmd.com for more infor.

the pain you feel might be feelings of guilt from eating the sweets.

these things are totally unrelated. you are, my dear, a bit of a hypochondriac. Just relax, you are a healthy young girl.

Talk to your parents or and adult and have them take you to the doctor..the American Diabetes Association has a good website with a lot of information

loyi a
No, they are not going to cut your leg off if you consume sugar. This would not happen to you unless you have a severe case of diabetes. This usually happens when an injury has become infected. Although if i were at your age, I would definitely tell my parents about my pain and have them schedule an appointment with the doctor. Try not eat a lot of candies.

Dear, you are 13! You are still growing. Your muscles and bones are still in the rapid growth stages of your teenage years. With muscle and bone growth you will have times of soreness and pain. Sometimes to the point of having to take acetometaphine, ibuprophen, naproxene to dull the pain. If you still have fear, go to see a doctor. No need to worry. If you want to find out if you are diabetic or have cancer... you must still go to a doctor for tests....

Please go see your doctor. It is probably not anything to worry about. Sometimes diabetics do feel pain in their legs and arms when there blood sugar is too high. Going to a doctor will either alleviate your fears or you will get proper medical treatment. for your condition.

It is extraordinarily unlikely that you will need amputation. However, having untreated diabetes can greatly increase your chances of having to be amputated way down the road.

if this is happening i'd stop eating the sweets....no my brother was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 12...he still has his legs arms feet hands the whole bit....however a diabetic has to take special care of his/her feet and hands ..they tend to have a bad blood flow to those areas so its good to buy good shoes and such and wash your feet everyday ....as far as the sweets go stop eating them...trade them in for sugar free candy or veggies or natures candy ..fruits...go see your doctor and tell him/her whats happening but until then i wouldnt eat anymore sweets

No it is not diabetes....signs of diabetes is being tired all the time, extreme thirst which leads to having to pee a lot. Even if you did have diabetes, it would take awhile (years usually) for it to noticeably affect your legs. Talk to your parents about it first .Let them know u r worried, they r usually your best source of information. Plus they r concerned about your health also.

whoa! who gave you such a diagnostic? "cancer or diabetes" i'm sure it wasn't a doctor, and a doctor's opinion is the only one you sould be listening to
so go see a doctor if you're worried, it will be alright!
nobody will cut your leg off, please stop freaking out!

It is not cancer or diabetes. See your doc if it is a major problem for you. Also they do not cut off legs for diabetes unless you have a circulation problem that they can't fix,.

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