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Did any one his or her sugar level get to 376 and do not care to go to doctor?

peggy m
My son gets really high readings. He gets insulin injected. Usually after 15 minutes it starts to come down and we write it down in his journal and show it to the doc at his next appointment. If, however, after 15 minutes it does not start to come down... then we go to the ER for constant intravaneous insulin which usually takes 48 hours to bring it down and the doctor adds a third insulin to his regiment for a couple weeks.

When I was diagnosed with diabetes, my doctor took out a test meter to see what my sugar level was for the first time. 30 seconds after the blood sample popped up a result of 380-something, and the doctor practically broke his neck running to get some insulin.

"Is 380 high" I asked?

376 is pretty bad. anything over 160 means either diabetes or you just ate an entire wedding cake.

Another question could be. If I am bleeding a lot and cannot stop bleeding, will I bleed to death?

It's not a joke! It's that serious!

See your doctor!

Best Wishes.

Danielle M
Well they should care because the higher it goes the more of a risk of a diabetic coma. That number is very high and should be taken seriously.

well, i'm a diabetic, and when my blood sugar gets that high, i don't bother...i just take insulin to correct it. however...if you're talking about people who have not been diagnosed with diabetes...that would just be a dumb idea to not go to the doctor. at that level, your blood sugar will just keep rising and you can go into a diabetic coma. there are many problems that come along with untreated high blood sugar over a long period of time...besides the fact that being that high makes you feel like crap!

yes i did.it's gottin so high the meter just said high.

Nicole A
You were lucky. Levels that high, especially untreated can lead to DKA, long story short coma and even death. Not something to play around with

robin's nest
Well I have lived with diabetes for 19 years now and all I can say is someone better get to a doctor. Diabetes is nothing to be afraid of. If untreated it is like a slow killing cancer damaging your eyes, kidneys, and whole body. It is controllable!! There is a high risk of diabetic coma if it continues to get higher!! GET TO A DOCTOR NOW!

It depends ...

If you're not a diagnosed diabetic, then drive yourself to the hospital immediately.

If you're a type 1 diabetic ... well, sometimes it happens. My daughter is type 1 ... she was in the 600+ when she was diagnosed, and she wasn't as bad as some. The other day her blood sugar was up to 388 before a meal. Don't know what made it go so high, all I can do is give her additional short-acting insulin with her meal, check her ketones and report it to her doctor. If it doesn't happen daily then they generally shrug it off ... sometimes it's just one of those things you get with type 1.

Oh, and your other responder said eating a whole wedding cake will get your sugar that high ... unless you're a diabetic that's not true. You'd puke it up first anyway :o)

Elaine H
You should take it very seriously, and if you know that figure is high for you, you should probably see your doctor or even go to the ER. However, I know, for example, that my blood sugar is still not completely under control and has been in the 400's many times. So I would not be worried at that moment, but I am doing all I can to get it under control.

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