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Diabetic can't afford insulin?
I'm asking for my dad. What can you do when you are a diabetic and can't afford the insulin? We're on rough financial times due to his kidney transplant and my mom's triple bypass surgery. My dad is disabled but was denied for disability. We've had to ask his doctor for samples and it seems like he thinks we're just trying to get out of paying for it. We're not those kind of people. If we could pay for it we would! We do, when we have money! But we're out of luck. Our church says they won't help my dad because we've had to rely on them in the past. We have no one to get money from and we don't qualify for financial assistance. If this keeps going we could very well end up without a home. Does anyone know of any programs that might help?

Get to the hospital , the local clinic anywhere even if it is welfare and get tested , get medicine and treatment. Diabetes is a disease which can leave one with untold misery if not treated. Truthfully , if they do not treat your father at the local clinic raise some hell through the newspaper, and every social service you have in the community. The church be damn.

Bob T
The county hospital has programs for people with no insurance.

definately look into medicaid or medicare possibly! (Don't know how old dad is) Look into the major drugstores--they offer cheap generic scripts these days. Call the drug company--many have prescription assistance plans. Good luck!

1 - Generic insulin shouldn't be that expensive. I used to buy it for my dog.

#2 - They should look into Medicaid. It sure sounds like you'd qualify
#3 - WalMart and other pharmacies have $4 generic scripts.
#4 - www.needymeds.com; a link to many free/discount med programs

Good luck.

Try writing a letter to the company that makes your insulin and other supplies. Many have free meds programs. You may also see if there is legal aid nearby. I suspect his denial of disability is incorrect and could be overturned by competent counsel.

catholic social services, mission of hope, a lot of hospitals can give you names of social services.

i have to tell ya though, walmart has insulin available without prescriptions and the R (short acting) is $19.99 and the N (long acting) is $24. that is very cheap compared to $80 for Humalog and $50 for NPH Humalin insulin. I get my meds at Walmart because they have the best prices and if you need meds between doctors appts you wont have to get a prescription for it. good luck! don't let him go without that insulin.....a bottle of insulin can last him for about a month maybe, so if you figure $40/month for meds (at warlmart), not bad really. ask for the generic insulin.

To expand on what kim.little said...Keep applying for the Disability. I've heard it's common to be turned down the first time. Appeal the denial. Re-apply. Get a lawyer, if necessary, who specializes in Disability. Most will offer a free consultation, and some may not require payment unless and until you win the case. Here's a source I just came across that might help: http://www.allsup.com/

In the meantime, do all the other suggestions here. Contact the drug companies, because some have reduced price programs. Below is a link for one of them.

Many drug manufacturers will help with the cost of drugs for those that cannot afford them. There are also free clinics and clinics that will bill according to your income. Also, see if you qualify for medicaid, just the medical part. Sounds like some kind of church you belong to. Tell your doctor about your problem, many of them have lots of answers. They know that people get into hard times and know of places that will help with medications. Was your dad ever in the service?? If so , he may be able to get a little help there with his meds. Your dad needs to keep trying to get his disability. It can take up to 3 times to finally get it and he will definately need a lawyer to help him. But in the end, he will most likely get it and the lawyer will take his pay from your dad then. Be sure to get a lawyer that specializes in getting disability, because they know all the crap they have to file, and know their way around the system. If your dad gets his disability, he will probably also qualify for SSI.

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