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Diabetes symptoms?
i am 14 years old and i am 100 lbs and 5'2
i have been extremely thirsy and can never quench my thirst. i also am going to the bathroom alot. my vision blurs at times and when i stand up everything gets black but i think its because i might be standing up too fast. i am going to get my blood sugar checked on the 8th of april but i am just wondering if something is wrong
Additional Details
im also hungry alot like i eat and then 30 min. later im hungry again

those do sound like sypmtoms. do you have a family member that has diabetes and monitors their sugars? maybe they can go ahead and test you. if not see if your parents can move your appointment date up at all. if your sugars are out of controll they can really screw up your health. for now try to cut out as much sugar and carbs as possible untill your appointment

Dorothy K
Some common symptoms of diabetes (especially juvenile) can be frequent urination, extreme thirst, constantly feeling hungry, fatigue.

Could be lots of things. Just be sure to keep that doctor appointment

Carl F
Yes, get your blood glucose tested asap. If you've got a doctor's appointment on the 8th there is no reason you can't call now and ask for the test before the appointment to save time. Then go to the lab asap. If there's a serious problem your doctor may call you before the appointment.

If you find a friend that will let you borrow their glucose monitor, be sure to use a new lancet and have your friend put another new one into the lancing device when you're done. Also wash the expression cap with bleach or alcohol. Wash your hands before testing to avoid an inaccurate test result. It can be tricky to interpret the glucose result because it depends on when you last ate. Visit the American Diabetes Association website www.diabetes.org/pre-diabetes/pre-diabet...
to see hows to interpret result and to get more information about diabetes.

Good luck!

you sound diabetic to me. get checked out asap to avoid any long term complications. take it from someone like me. i'm 37 and already have diabetic neuropathy in my hands & feet! i've only been diabetic for 9 years. don't think bad stuff can't happen. i'm living proof! plus just because you're thin doesn't mean anything anymore. my uncle is as thin as a pencil & he's got it. and unfortunately, it's genetic. my mom & sister also have it.

also drinking a lot & peeing a lot are symptoms. i used to eat pasta (carbs) and get SOOOO sleepy afterwards. that's a symptom, too. also, cuts that don't heal quickly. good luck!

Extreme thirst and frequent urination are classic symptoms of diabetes. If it is diabetes you cannot wait until April 8th. All you need is a simple blood test to see if further testing is necessary. Have a parent call the doctor's office and get authorization for a test asap.

It is true that constant thirst and urination are symptoms of diabetes, but part of it also is a sudden lost of weight, 5-10 pounds. Your problem could also be with potassium. It's better you go to your doctor for a check up to make sure. Don't just second guess yourself with this. Peace

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