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I have been sick all year and my doctor recently suggested that it might be diabetes. Here are some of my symptoms:
*I go to the toilet a LOT
* Always tired even after a good nights sleep<...

 When you pee directlly to the water of the toilet and the water is foaming , this means diabetes ?
when you pee directlly to the water of the toilet and the water is foaming , this means diabetes ?...

what is the definition and treatment of a prediabetic person?...

 Does this sound like I have diabetes ?
I am 24 years old.
Mother of 2 boys. I didn't have pregnancy induced diabetes.
My blood sugar levels were always really good when I checked them on my dad's meter. <...

 What are the Symptoms of diabetes?
I have diabetes in my family my grandma had it. and my mom doens't have it but it might have skipped a generation. anyways I'm wondering what some of the symptoms are. I had a boil on my ...

 Diabetes and watermelon?
if you have or suspect you have diabestes, can you still eat ...

 I have type 2 diabeties and want to know how dangerous is it for me to eat chocolate, just for Easter?
I just have this craving for chocolate but want to know is it that harmful?...

 I've got type 2 diabetes and have to have my labwork done in 2 weeks and im scared my bloodwork won't be good?
what can i do as far as diet,excersize or vitamins(herbs)can i try in
the next 2 weeks will help my bloodwork come back showing my bloodwork is good and not have my Dr. upset with me?...

 Can eating dark Chocolate lower a diabetics blood sugar levels?

 Are there any foods or natural remedies that lower blood sugar in type 2 diabetics?
I've heard that some vegetables like celery and green pepper can naturally lower blood sugar. Whether or not this is true, I don't know. I can't seem to find anything online about it, ...

 I am a Type 1 Diabetic and you probably think I should know this already but...?
Some say that it is okay to eat whatever you want as long as you are taking enough insulin coverage, but I am curious, should type 1 Diabetics avoid any type of food?...

 Blood Sugar 473!!!?
My dad was hospitalized yesterday for a blood sugar level over 600. He was given some oral medications and was brought down the the 400's. Today he was at around 300, but after a lean sugar-free,...

 Is drinking diet sode okay for a diabetes person since they don't have any sugar in them?
I know diet sode is bad too but without the sugar, is it okay for a diabetes person to drink DIET soda?...

 My mother was just diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. We were wondering what types of foods she can eat. Help!?
We want to know what she can and cannot eat. What kinds of sugar she can and cannot have. I can't seem to find any helpful web sites....

 I'm diabetic and losing weight rapidly....why is this?
I've been diabetic for 14 years, and I am starting to lose a bunch of weight without even trying. my blood sugars have been a little high the past couple days. I have no health insurance and ...

 What will happen if you have diabetes but don't get treated?
Ok, well I'm a little scared that I might have it but my parents won't take me to the doctor. I've read the symptoms and I have pretty much all of them besides going to the bathroom a ...

 I need to get my blood sugars under control presently 233 aqnd i could use help?
i am 55 heralth but 305lbs i ride an expercise bike diamond back 4 hours a week. i watch what i east i need to loose 40 pounds and get my bllod sugars down i don't want to die yet i have too ...

 What foods are Diabetics allowed? Ive looked everywhere online and no list just recipts?

 My husband has diabetes and no longer wants to live,what do i do.?
he hates goin to dialysis,hates not being able to see,tired of sufferring,,doesnt realize that dialysis is helping ...

 Should a high school with serveral diabetics and kids with seizures, have a nurse for that school?
my sister is a type 1 diabetic....she had a severe seizure at her high school about two weeks ago...she needed a shot of insulin also because she was almost 500....and NO ONE at that school is ...

Diabetes makes sugar levels abnormally high, but do they go low too?
a diabetic untreated by insulin neglected or forgot to eat enough would their sugar levels drop at any stage? to a normal level or hypo level?
Additional Details
or if a diabetic ate unbelievably healthy very low carb no sugar sort of diet?

Johnnie J
Yes!! It is very important to monitor blood glucose levels. Not eating, increased exercise or too much diabetic medicine are some reasons blood glucose levels can drop low. This can lead to hypoglycemia, cold sweats, tremors, even seizures or coma. At the hospital, we check blood glucose levels of our patients before meals and at bedtime. You should monitor these levels, eat at regularly scheduled times, follow a diet recommended by the American Diabetic Association (ADA), and keep record of you blood sugar levels. If you know that you are not going to eat or that you will be having more activity than usual, you may have to adjust your medication. It is also important to have an emergency hypoglycemic kit available - you should research this online or with you doctor. There are may support groups associated with hospitals and clinics. I recommend more education. This is not something to be messing around with...

yes absolutely a diabetic must keep eatting small amounts during the day to keep sugar levels normal if not it will drop suddenly and if they eat too much sugar it will rise just as fast. gotta be careful with this disease

Yes, a diabetic's blood sugar level can get too low if they don't eat at regular intervals. That is when they could go into a diabetic shock, or coma if they don't get their sugar level up quickly.

working out would make blood sugar go down. This is because it burns sugar and carbs.

Without insulin to transport the glucose (sugar) into the cells, a person's blood sugar levels will be elevated. But if a person exercises vigorously and/or takes their medication and does not eat enough, blood sugar levels can drop a lot.

If the person has type II diabetes (associated with obesity) following a diabetic diet and losing weight will both keep blood sugars at a lower level.

Although diet, exercise and weight loss can have an impact on blood sugar levels, most diabetics can't manage their blood sugars without medication. It is extremely important to check your blood sugars often and use your medication correctly if you are diabetic. Long-term consequences of uncontrolled blood sugars can be devastating. Damage done to small blood vessels causes kidney, heart and circulatory problems as well as loss of eyesight. Managing your sugar levels can help delay or prevent some of these problems.

Short answer: not likely.

However, there are other medications besides insulin which can cause low blood sugar.

Also, Type 1's on insulin can go low for other reasons besides not eating enough or taking too much insulin. Sometimes they do EVERYTHING right and still have hypos. This is because blood sugar is effected by other hormones in addition to insulin. Therefore things like stress, illness (sometimes without symptoms), and menstrual cycle also come into play - all of which are out of control of the patient.

most of these people didnt read your full question. If someone is a type 1 diabetic who is untreated, meaning no insulin, then no they would continue to have high blood sugars, because they cannot use any of the sugar in the food they eat. and they would suffer from loosing weight as the body uses fat and protein for energy when it cant use the sugar. However a type 2, or adult, has the possibility of control by diet alone, thus keeping blood sugars level and could possbily have a low. However lows are cause from too much insulin and not enough sugar, as mention when someone takes too much or doesnt eat enough for the amount they took

Tim Br
Too much medication can create low blood sugar.
Meds should be taken before eating. If you don't eat, you don't need them.

Hypoglycemia, is what I'm dealing with, sometimes my sugar level goes under 70ml, then I eat a box of raisin or drink a regular soda, to get back to normal.Usually works for me, I'm no longer on insulin(thank God) or anything my average reading is around 80ml to under 120ml.But when I was first diagnose I was hyperglycemia at 567ml. Wow! Isn't God a Great God.

Ice ^_^
Too much insulin or oral hypoglycemic drugs will probably lowers blood sugar. But a DM (1 or 2) patients untreated with insulin or oral hypoglymic drugs..will somehow lead to hyperglycemia (high blood sugar level).

Member: http://PhilippineNursing.blogspot.com

Yesterday my BG was 216, I didn't eat because it was so high. I got into my SUV and drove to a town 30 miles away. When I pulled into the parking lot of my destination I checked again because I felt really funny... it was 60! It's a struggle to calculate how many steps you take in a day, possibly the heat having some affect, stress usually spikes levels in most people, I think I have the opposite affect in that respect. If I eat too many carbs I go to sleep, if I don't eat enough I bottom out. I'm usually such a control freak, but I can't get a grip on this and it's really depressing!!!

Mr. Peachy®
It depends. Type 2 diabetics, who are not on insulin, rarely go too low. It does happen, though. But no one has been able to tell me why. I'm never been below 70 in my four year history with the disease, so hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is a non issue with me.

Type 1s (insulin dependent) can and do have low blood sugar episodes when they take too much insulin or don't eat enough to compensate for the amount they took. It's a balancing act to say the least. In the scenario you present, where they don't take insulin, the chances of having a low blood sugar episode is highly unlikely unless the patient has insulinoma, which is pretty rare. In most cases, given that scenario, their blood sugar will not come down... it could even go up because the liver can still convert glycogen into glucose even though no food has been consumed.

Lots of variables, no absolutes.

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