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Diabetes Blood sugar 3 hours after dinner near bed time?
Hi, I bought a blood sugar test kit after as I've been experiencing allot of the symptoms for diabetes, Im 23 also about 40 lbs overweight and Diabetes runs in the family. I tested my self 3 hours after dinner. I had 3 healthy meals today an one beer with dinner. My sugar level read 121 Mg. I test my sister who had ate at the same time and her level was 92 Mg. Is my level a concern. Im going to get checked out by the doctor soon and record my level for the time being. Thanks.

I've dealt with a diabetic child for 14 years. 121 after eating is OK. If you are worried , do a fasting blood sugar, right when you wake up in the morning. 80-120 is normal. There are other things that share some of the same symptoms. You might have your thyroid checked.

no its not a concern but dont test ur siter because if u have diabetes u could end up giving them to her

It's a bit on the high side, but not terrible.

Yvette C
121 3 hours after eating is not bad. Take a fasting level in the morning and see what it is.

Do you have an increase in thirst and increase in urination? These could be signs of diabetes. Talk to your doctor. Your blood sugar be under 120 two hours after you eat. Check it 2 hours after eating a high carbohydrate meal. With a family history of diabetes and being 40 lbs overweight, you are on your way to becoming a diabetic if you don't get your weight under control and start exercising. Type II Diabetes can be heriditary but can also be prevented if you take care of yourself.

My boyfriend has diabetes and I think that 121 is pretty normal. But if you think that you may have it you should go see a doctor.

Rj L

The current thinking on diagnosing diabetes is three blood sugars on three different days 110 or over, done in the morning after fasting, at a professional lab.
Talk to a doctor to get a test set up, due to your being overweight, and your family history, doctor will want to test you periodically.
Lose the weight, and be reasonable about what you eat, and you might avoid being diabetic, and might avoid the heart disease tha generally accompanies it.

well the regular sugar levels are from 70 to 120 mg/dl so that is great but its suppose to be 2 hours from when you eat but don't bother with that just ask you doctor to test you for diabetes. and also alcohol is known to lower your blood sugar so try to do it next time with out it.

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