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Diabet: What happens if I don't take my insulins for days ?
I'm diabetic for 6 years now and I'm curious about something. What happens if I don't take my insulins ? I forgot it but my doctors said something like 'your blood sugar will get high and you will die after 4-5 days'. Is that right ? Because I didn't eat something It's been 30 hours now and I barely took the amount of insulin I'm supposed to. And I still don't want to eat ... can anyone help me ? Many thanks.

I can't tell you exactly how your body will react. No one here can. I can tell you that your doctor has only your health and wellbeing in mind. And not eating and not taking your insulin is a pretty good way to make yourself very sick.

If you feel the need to "experiment" and see what will happen, it's really not a great idea, but at least be safe about it. I hope you are checking your blood sugar frequently.

If you are trying to kill yourself, please don't. That would be a slow and painful death and i'm sure your family and friends would miss you greatly.

Sabrina H
Your blood sugar will go high whether you eat or not. The body will release stored glucose. Eventually, your cells will start breaking down in a process called ketosis. Your blood will become more acidic. You will develop an intense thirst, your temperature will rise. You will start breathing faster as your body tries to remove the acid from your body via respirations. You will eventually go into a coma and die if not treated. From the outside looking in, it looks painful, but you will be out of your mind by that point. Your kidneys will eventually shut down. Many organ systems, including your brain may be permanently damaged. Diabetic KetoAcidosis isn't fun to watch. Unless you are looking to die a slow, painful death, take your insulin.

you are playing with death. yes it will kill you if you don't do what the doctors tell you, you are just shorting your life or you ready to die?

and just why would you not want to eat?? We eat to live! We also take our insulins as the doctor tells us to do!

Without food, the bod dumps glucose on the system. this makes the blood sugar go up!! So we need to test, eat, inject on a regular basis.

When you "forget" once in a while, that is understandable. But when we "won't" we wind up in the hospital with more problems than we really bargained for.


You are loved by someone. Think of their sorrow when you do yourself some damage!!!

If you have diabetes Type 1, you will suffer from ketoacidosis.
If you have diabetes Type 2, then you will suffer from hyperglycemia and further complications.

It is an absolute must that you follow your doctor's advice precisely regarding your condition. Diabetes is a very serious condition that without using your insulin or other medications as prescribed can lead to a diabetic coma and many other very serious problems including death. PLEASE don't ignore your doctors orders as it can mean the difference between life and death! Although Yahoo answers is a great place to get helpful tips about various things you should not use any information you get here to substitute for that of your doctor.

Your screen name leads me to think that you are suicidal and have a wish to indirectly kill yourself.

Correct me if I'm wrong but something doesn't sound right here.

Not taking your insulin will lead to hyperglycemia, ketoacidosis, coma and death. It would not be pleasant. DKA can cause intense discomfort and high levels of pain. Loss of potassium will lead to cardiac irregularities and even more pain. You would not be able to breathe well. It could take days...DKA does not develop over night.

I urge you to seek some help. Call 911 and ask for psychiatric help.

At this point in time, I'm wondering if I'm already too late.


you'll go into diabetic shock first and then die if you are not treated, take this disease seriously.

Please listen to your doctor. It is all true,you may not be hungry because your BS is so high,but even if you don't eat and don't take insulin your BS will continue to rise and as stated above you will slip into a coma and either sieze or just slip away. Please eat and take your insulin.

You slip into a coma and die. Eat something, anything. You probably don't feel like eating because your blood sugar is so high!!! Take your blood glucose level and then get the insulin in your body!

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