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Can you go into a diabetic coma, with high blood sugar? Mine is over 500.?

sharon w

You need to see a doctor ASAP...normal high is 120

Yes. You need to go to the emergency room right away.

you can or you can also hang in there it just depends on your body. I was well into the 500+ mark for almost a month straight. I had a dumb doctor fasting I was in the 500's and during the day the meter he gave me wouldn't read it said high. In his office his meter was reading 800 and he just sent me home with more pills. I should of just gone right to the hospital (and reported him) but I didn't I called an endocrinologist saw him the next day . He diagnosed me as type 1 and I never went back to that family doctor again.

Mountain Bear

It can also lead to Kidney Failure, Heart Attack, Stroke and it damages your nerves the longer your Glucose is that high, anything over 200, you need to think of it as an attack upon every major organ of your body and you want to stop that attack as soon as possible before irreversible damage is done.

GO to the ER now! IF you do not have insurance like me, go to a Community ER as they have to work with you on paying the bill in small payments.

First of all.. 500 calls for serious concern ..but do not panic.. When I was diagnosed...my blood sugar was 549...however....if you wish to NOT see a doctor right away..just administer....injections of insulin...(or you prescribed coverage amount)....and be sure to check your sugar every how to see how much it has come down....keep giving insulin each hour if needed...but be careful not to .. over inject.....going from 500 to .. really low..can be..very stressful..it feels horrible..so just be sure to keep a check on yourself..

....but.. if you do not feel ..extremely bad at 500...then just.. give your insulin and drink ALOT of water.. keep yourself hydrated. ....even though it is easy to spike to 500 ocassionally.. I have actually felt ..GREAT when my sugar has reached 450 +..but...it's the duration of time that it is there..that makes you.. start going developing ketones..also....get your ketone strips out and test your urine..if you have ketones...CALL your doc....

It is very high you should go to your doctor and do not panic .

Laura H
You can go into a diabetic coma with either high or low blood sugar. Are you on medication? Did you take it today? You must get yourself to an emergency room or call 911 to come and assess your sugar level now. what did you eat and how long before or after you checked and got this reading. If you are not feeling well, you need to get medical treatment right away for a blood sugar of 500 or higher.

Hopefully, you will be reading my answer after you have come home from the ER Seriously... you need help very, very fast !!! Just don't drive yourself ! Call 911 or a friend who can get to you ASAP !!

born again
Yes, and you may not recover from the coma, Go to the Dr. and don't wait too long about going.

You can have seizures and/or coma from levels that are too high or too low. You need to go to the ER right away. Good luck and Godspeed.

Didn't your doctor ever cover this with you?

Sounds like you want to get sick.
Tisk, Tisk.

Yes and no; the terminology is sloppy.

The usual definition of diabetic coma is very low blood sugar sufficiently so that one loses consciousness. This is almost always caused by a poor match of medication (dosage or timing or both) to food, exercise, or stress (eg, an infection).

The other kind of diabetic coma is usually called a hyperglycemic non-ketotic diabetic coma. This is caused by far too high blood glucose levels, sufficiently so that they lose consciousness.

Diabetic ketoacidosis usually does not cause loss of consciousness, until the very last. it's most common in type 1 diabetics who have an infection or who have neglected food or insulin or coordinating them.

In your case, your glucose is quite high, and should be treated. Getting your glucose down can cause some problems, and so it's best done under medical supervision, not necessarily in a hospital, but that's most common in N America. It is not so simple as merely using insulin to get the glucose down., and in any case it should not be done quickly so as to allow the body to adjust to the lower glucose levels. If you're not already showing some symptoms of impending coma (sweating, dizziness, etc) you probably needn't call an ambulance. But, if you've noticed any such symptoms, don't drive anywhere! Take a cab, have a friend drive you, or call an ambulance.

yes a diabetic can go into a coma from high bloodsugars. however, usually it takes a much much much much higher sugar (in the 1000's) for a pretty substantial period of time to have that happen. You will however develop ketones, and eventually go into DKA (diabetic keto acidosis) wich damages all of your organs. What you should do is correct your bloodsugar as best you can (i'm assuming you take insulin, i'm sorry if i'm wrong) if you give yourself insulin and wait long enough for it to start moving (generally about half an hour) and nothing happens, chances are your insulin is bad. you either need to open a new bottle, and if you dont have another one, either go to the emergancy room or the pharmacy. I dont know how many times my meter has read "HI" meaning over 500-600 and I've never been in a coma... Remember to check for ketones as those can become dangerous. even if you have not developed them yet, if you are that high, you will sooner or later, so start drinking your water, thirsty or not. the last thing you want is to become dehydrated (wich is exteremely easy to do if you're bg's are high)
I hope you find this helpfull

This is not a forum for someone with a blood sugar of 500. You are in need of a doctor's supervision. No one should be walking around with a blood sugar that high. You are in danger of destroying other vital organs including your eyesight. Get professional care and get your sugar under control to live a long and productive life. Diabetes is a condition, not a death sentence.

I have been T1 since 1996. My blood sugars have ranged from 35 all the way up to HI which is typically over 600. I can speak from experience that you need to get this under control right away.

You do not have to go to hospital to do this, take your insulin and stop eating all those carbs. While it is very dangerous, you can also take care of this yourself.

Get with it.

if your type 1 with insulin , retest for an accurate reading , and take your insulin.

Type 2 , did you skip your meds?

retest for accurate reading, and I would take another 1/2 pill of your medication.

500 for an extended period can be very damaging and lead to a stroke.

Phone your regular doctor

Yes, via ketoacidosis. Over 500 is not good. If you are a type I diabetic, use insulin to knock it down. If you are not, see a doctor sooner rather than later.

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