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Can you give blood as a diabetic?
I am thinking about giving blood this week at a Red Cross drive this week. I am nervous and all, but I am also not sure if my diabetes will be a problem. I am not severely diabetic, like I am not on insulin. At the moment I am trying to control it through diet and exercise. If you have any ideas I'd appreciate it. Also, if you are a blood donor, can you help relieve my nerves about giving as well. I'd appreciate any help and advice possible. But if you are going to be stupid, save your time and don't answer.

nope..i think they said because you might go into shock/coma/other diabetic prob if they take blood
we had a drive at school and they wouldnt let diabetic people do it

i used to donate blood until i had a blood transfusion last year after a bike accident, so i can not give blood anymore and im afraid with you have a version of diabeties you can not give blood due to the fact it is a blood disorder

you can always go check, but you may get turned away. at least you have considered to donate not many people do!

Yeah you should be able to give blood, just be sure to eat a nice meal full of carbs before hand since stress and fear can sometimes lower your sugar you really do not want to go into diabetic shock.
Tips for giving blood:
try to stay calm
go with a friend if you can to help keep you relaxed
realize that though you may be scared your helping save lives
dont forget to eat before hand or you will get very weak
if you feel weak afterwards lay down for a while
dont drive until you feel like your normal self again

Most importantly
Feel great about what you did!!

Good on you for thinking about it, but I don't think you can. Have a word with your nurse or doc' about it though. I was told I couldn't cos I'm on insulin injections and other medication. Good luck

I think diabetes will not disqualify you from being a blood donor. As long as you are healthy and not insulin dependent.

Check out this Red Cross website:


Sterling D W
as long as you are not on medication and in good health you should be able to donate...it is not bad..it stings like stepping on a sticker...plus the technicians will ask a lot of personal questions...just be honest...they will let you know if you can donate....take a can of orange juice with you incase you can donate...this will help make you feel better after donating...good luck

I don't think they will let you donate because of the diabetes,I could be wrong but they are pretty picky about the blood being donated,I'm not allowed because I take Methadone for pain management. Also, it is so easy to donate,it doesn't hurt just a little pinch when the needle goes in,the rest of the time you kick back while the blood bag fills. They usually offer donuts,juice afterward,I am not sure why,maybe just a small thank you for donating. Good luck, I hope they let you donate,it's very rewarding.

you can as long as you are not using certain medications and certain types of insulin. The people at the blood drive will ask you a lot of questions, and if you pass them you will be able to give blood. If you are not on insulin it should not be a problem. you cannot "give" someone diabetes.

Laura H
I am diabetic, and I do not give bl0od because I feel that my blood may cause some one that may potentially get my blood, may develop the disease. I would talk with someone at your local Red Cross chapter or talk to your diabetes doctor or educator and ask about the risk of giving blood while being a diabetic.
You have to be careful to and not get tired or weak as you can from giving blood.
Certain blood types you cannot give, so be careful.
Also you can contact the American Diabetes Association to ask about this before you give to make sure that you keep everyone safe and happy.
Giving blood is not painful or scary. Just make sure that you drink plenty of fluids the day before you plan to give. /The more hydrated you are, the quicker your blood will flow, and you will feel better and the area where they insert the needle will not be as painful or it may not even bruise where as if you do not drink enough fluids, it will take longer for the blood to flow, and you may even have a bruise at the injection site and you may even feel tired and fatigued.

Tell them your condition, and if they let you donate, don't worry about it. All you do is lie down on a comfy bed, they put a needle into your arm and let the blood drain into a container. When you're done, they get you up, give you some orange juice, let you sit around for a little while to make sure you're all right , and let you leave. They might even pay you for your blood..........no problem..

Yes...My daughter has even in high school. And she is a type 1 diabetic.

no problem as long as your other parameters, like HIV, HBsAg etc. are negative


Read question and answer # 17. This page contains good information that may help you answer other questions and doubts you may have.

17. I am diabetic, can I donate?
Yes, diabetics can donate even if they are taking insulin, as long as they are otherwise in good health and feel up to donating.

"You can donate blood if you are diabetic taking insulin and in good health."

I have been diabetic for 4 years now, on oral medication, and have never had any problems donating blood. as usual, they will ask if you are in good health that day and what medications you are taking, but as long as you are taking care and doing fine, you'll have no problem, just make sure you are drinking the reccommended extra water afterwards.

yep, you can. my mom is a diabetic and she has done it before. there is nothing to be afraid of, they are really nice. plus they give you a coke, a little debbie, and a t-shirt. just think of something nice while they do it....it'll help calm your nerves. I know how you feel though...I'm scared to death of needles, so when i'm sick and i need a shot, i get all freaked out, but i just close my eyes, and think of my cat. that'll cheer anyone up. ( well, anyone who likes cats, that is) good luck, and have a great day!

Mr. Peachy®
This question comes up about once every two or three months here on Answers. The answer is simple.... If your blood sugar is under control and you are healthy and not on any excluded drugs, the answer is yes, you can donate blood. If you aren't under control and/or on excluded drugs, then no... you can't donate.

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