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 I just found out i have diabetes ??? PLEASE HELP ?
im a 16 year old girl i just found out i have type 1 diabetes
i had some tests done last week and the doctor called this morning and told my mom
and i have to go back to the doc tomorow ...

 Is there anyone out there who has cured him/herself of type 1 diabetes?

 Should I put bourbon in my insulin pump?

 My diabetic dad thinks I am making a big deal out of this. Can I get your opinion?
My dad is a diabetic. He broke his leg at the knee 9 days ago at work. He just came home from the hospital today. He didn't bump his foot when he broke his leg, but ever since his accident his ...

 Is there anyways to test blood sugar without using blood?
for people with diabetes, it hurts to use the lancets to get the blood sample on the finger. is there any test/monitor that don't need to use blood sample?...

 Do you have type 1 or 2 diabetes?
i have type 1....

 What are some signs and symptoms of diabetes?

 I have been a diabetic for 5 yrs. now and having a hard time controlling my glucose levels. any advice?
all my life i have had a large sweet tooth and now it has come back to bite me in the a__. is there anything i can eat or take that would take away the craving for sweets?...

 Diebetes my nurse seems to think there will be a cure in the next five years?
i know they are transplanting islet cells with success and needles will prob be gone in a few years .. inhalers will be used instead,, anybody have anymore information iv been type 1 for13 ...

 What constitutes "frequent urination" when it comes to diabetes symptoms?
I was just wondering.

Is it every 5 minutes?
Every 15 minutes?
Every 30 minutes?
Every 2 hours?
Every 4 hours?

If someone could help me out, I'd ...


 What type of diabetes is most common? Type 1 or Type 2?
i am doing a science project about diabetes. Which type is most common to people? Tpye 1 diabetes or Type 2 diabetes?

 Diabetes in younger people?
I seem to have most of the symptoms of diabtes but I'm only 18, is it common for people my age to get it? And if I did get diagnosed with it, how would it affect my life? Its not something I ...

 Would I lose too much blood for doing a 2 hours Glucose Tolerance test?
I heard they would take up to 2 blood samples during the glucose tolerance test. Would I be in danger of losing too much blood?
Additional Details
Sorry, I meant up to 5 samples during ...

 Can you actually die from haveing Diabeties?

 Diabetes Question for those that have it............Doctors inputs too.....?
I know I have diabetes, but I haven't experienced the full blast of it. I'm at work now and just a minute ago, I got the shakes, my heart was pounding and I got hot really quick. Is that ...

 My boyfriend diabetes?
My boyrfriend of 2 months has diabetes (sort of under control). He's good about going to the doctors, ok about taking medicine and eating. But his sugars are still higher than they should be ...

 Serious diabetes question about sugar?
my mom has diabeetes. she has it really bad and has to take shots and check her sugar lots every day. she never never eats sugar. anyway, mom promised to buy me a new stereo if i cut the grass ...

 Is it Diabetes?
Hi, i have put on like 3 stone in the last year and i have noticed lately that i seem to be drinking a lot of sweet stuff, i get excessively tired even after i've only been awake 4 hours i'...

 Should diabetics eliminate sugar free foods etc from diet?
Can blood sugar levels increase as a result of ingesting sugar free foods. Example sodas, candies and gum. I chew a lot of gum especially at night for the sweet taste. Is this a good or bad habit....

justeena v
Can you drink alcohol while having a concussion?
is alcohol bad while having a concussion

i would say yes but im not a Dr

Crazy H
As long as it's not the reason you got one in the 1st place!

I would say so. Your mind is healing, and alcohol deteriorates the brain.

It is scary you would even want to. I don't know if it is bad for you, but would not risk getting drunk and falling on my head again, ya know?

drinking alcohol thins your blood and if you drink it while you have a serious wound it will cause blood clots and can be very dangerous.

You must be dizzy now.....frat boy

tatyana a
yes it is bad ,dont drink any

You can if you are willing to to accept the possible consequences... Your brain is already somewhat scrambled, what's a little more?

Fritz Milan
Is that why you have a concussion?

Not wise.

Kris L
NEVER drink alcohol when you are 'concussed' ... the alcohol can make the 'bad symptoms' of the concussion even WORSE, and if you are already 'vomiting' from the concussion, and you drink 'too much' (ANY alcohol is too much) you can cause 'worse vomiting' and actually get 'concussed' all over again.

David K
It can lead to serious problems.

no you cant - yes its bad

If you're suicidal, bottoms up!

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