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HeFu L
Can type II diabetes live with out Medication?
My brother had diabetes for 8 years and he is 48 years old new, he never take any diabetic medicine but exercise, his blood surger around 160 to 180 after two hours of the meal and under 120 in the morning befor the meal. is he OK to live like this?

He needs to be on medicine!!!his sugar is way too high!!!..normal sugar is 80-110...he needs to get an A1c test and be much tighter controlled.His nerves,blood vesels are being damaged.get him to a doctor who is up to date on diabetes.He also is at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome

da d
They can live fairly well that way. Diet and exercise can control a lot of the symptoms for a certain period of time. If he is taking his treatment seriously and has the sugar under control, he is doing what he is supposed to.

Although the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes develop slowly and may not be noticed immediately, diabetes cannot be ignored because the complications affect almost every major part of the body. The disease contributes to stroke, blindness, heart disease, kidney failure, amputation, and nerve damage. A vicious disease if untreated, diabetes can be brought under control with the help of medical experts and personal discipline.

To prevent complications, diabetes care revolves around keeping blood sugar levels as close to the "normal" (non-diabetic) range as possible. A mix of diet, exercise, and personal blood testing are the basic elements of sound diabetes management. In addition, some individuals with Type 2 diabetes require oral drugs or insulin injections to lower their blood sugar levels.

So it's OK to live like this if he doesn't mind going blind, having a heart attack, developing pain and numbness in his feet and damaging his kidneys. Otherwise it's .....well......plain stupid.

At these levels he should probably be on meds. He should talk to the Doctor . Maybe in the future he could get off meds but for now I think he needs them.

Some people live with diabetes without having to take medication if their weight is under control. But it's still a good idea to see the doctor and have those blood tests on occasion. Diabetes is a very sneaky sort if condition.

The VA hospital told my brother and my friend that those numbers were TERRIFIC!! That they are in tight control!! And their numbers are higher than those you cite for your brother.

Such a bunch of BS!!! But as long as his blood glucose number is under 120 fasting, there is not a problem. He could be in tighter control.

I personally want to be under 101 in the morning. I do not want my glucose over 150 2 hours after a meal.

It sounds to me like your brother is doing as his doctor recommends. And all doctors recommend something different as far as numbers go!!!

Do understand that the more you harp on what you percieve as his lack of control in not taking meds, the less he is going to hear from you!! I hate DIABETES POLICE minding my diabetes for me!!

it's ok! :-)

diabetes can only be diagnosed if fasting blood glucose > 126mg/dl & post-prandial (2 hrs after meals) blood glucose > 200mg/dl

by the figures u've mentioned (if consistent), UR BRO IS NOT A DIABETIC

however he is in a high risk zone, prone to develop it in the near future if he does not diet AND exercise

however, "once a diabetic - always a diabetic". so if diagnosed 8yrs ago, he still is diabetic.

but he does not need medications as long as he maintains fasting glucose levels less than 126mg/dl, & PP levels lesss than 200mg/dl

You're brother is under great care.
It is very possible to remain healthy without insulin or medication IF you are a type 2.
Many people with type 2 will need to go on medication after a certain amount of time.

Mr. B
This really is not enough information to know. However, chronic high blood sugar has many negative effects, 160-180 is too high.

it would really take a doctor to answer this
however i would say he needs meds.it is suppose to run before eating 70 to 112
give or take afew.
it is harmimg his insides even tho he cant feel it or see it.

Your brother needs to go see a doctor about his blood sugar. He should go for a check up from a doctor every few months anyway if he has diabetes, especially for type two, its much more based on each individual case.

My husband is diabetic,and he could not take any chemical pills, because he was very sick after taking them. He tried at least 12 kinds, all of them worked the other way around ( it was raising the sugar instead of lowering). So we decide, pills are not for him. To protect his organs, he take a lot of natural pills, starting with Eye defense, Kidney nourishing, Aloe vera, B vitamin, all the Gluco care thing, Co Enzime Q10,(thats for heart) plus , he did a liver cleanse, few times, and exercise regularly. Sometimes, his sugar its high, because of the stress, but all the blood test results came out very good. I would go with insulin, this is very close with natural, since the pills is making him sick. This will be his next step beside natural pills.
I think you brother's sugar its not bad at all for a diabetic.Its important, how his A1C is. My husbands is 8 but it was 11.5 with the chemical pills. Normal is between 3.5and 6.5.

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