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Can somebody live without a pancreas?
People can live, without a galbladder, spleen, one kidney, apendix, even with out a liver (in rare cases).... But can somebody live with out pancreas? If so, what are the risk? The reason for my question is because I want to be able to donate my pancreas to a loved one who really needs it. Any info will be very helpful.

absolutely not !

You cannot live without a liver ( I almost died because mine was diseased ). You cannot live without a pancreas.

So, you want to donate your pancreas to a loved one who really needs it, so that someone else will need to donate one to you afterward when you really need it?

what do you think a type 1 diabetic is? type 1 diabetics (and some type 2's) need to take insulin shots. why do they need to take shots? because a type 1's pancreas no longer produces insulin...so type 1's basically live without a pancreas...if you give your pancreas to someone else then you would most likely become a diabetic..

You cannot live without your liver. You can live with only half of a liver (because it will actually regenerate itself!). But, as for your question, your pancreas produces many enzymes necissary for the body to function normally. I do not know for sure, but I highly doubt that a person could survive without it.

The organs that you listed are either not vital to life or storage units. The gallbladder and spleen both function primarily as storage spaces. The appendix is not necissary for life (scientists are not even sure why we have one). You can function with only one kidney because you have a backup. The pancreas is needed for life, does not regenerate, and there is no backup so I am fairly certain you cannot donate it.

You cannot live totally without a pancreas.
Pancreatic transplants with a live donor are in the very early stages. It is still in the experimental stages in the US.
There have been a few partial transplants of a pancreas from a live donor. Basically used as an islet cell transplant to help Type 1 diabetics.
Check out the sites below:

I'm studying medicine, and as far as I can tell no. the pancreas (not the stomach) is not only the main organ of digestion but a powerful endocrine moduler releasing insuline and glucagon and a acidity neutralizer by liberating alkaline secretions.

Althought full pancreas transplantation is posible, donors are brain-dead (once again as far as I know)

anyway I think you may donate some langerhans islands at your expense

Homo Henderson
That's nice and all but there is a reason your loved one is in need of a pancreas.

Well i am alive, and I have no pancrease. It has been hard, but I have made it a year and a half. And I am doing much better, was a diabetic before i had it taken out, so i just had to take enzyme pills and more insulin. So the answer is YES you can!

Lisa A
Sure you can. I had mine removed in September. I was very sick and had been for a long time. The surgeon actually took the cells that make insulin out of my pancreas and put them in my liver. I am still a little bit diabetic, but I am much better now. I wish I had known about this surgery along time ago. They also took my spleen. You however can't donate a pancreas it doesn't work that way. They can however get a pancreas from a donor that is deceased. The liver will regenrerate what removed, what ever is taken out grows back. Hope I have helped you. This is a true about my pancreas

yep - any type 1 diabetic is living with out this. You see, that is what Type 1 is - your pancreas does not work.

Good luck.

Peppermint Patti
If you loss your pancreas, you'll most likely become a diabetic. I have no gallbladder, I still alive and kicking, my mom has one kidney, and appendix are removed if they flare up. No one can live with out a liver, that I know of.

PLEASE don't do this!!! You are a very caring person to want to help your loved one, but donating your pancreas is not the solution!!!

First, if you donate your whole pancreas, you will render *yourself* a "severe" diabetic, needing multiple insulin injections and oral pancreatic enzymes daily to live. This will affect your quality of life and time you have to share with the loved one you just helped. Not to mention the extreme risks of such a surgery, such as blood loss and infection.

Does the person you care about have diabetes? If so, pancreas transplants have a VERY poor rate of success. There is a very good chance the person will become diabetic again soon (if it works intially), and you will now BOTH be having the same issues and living with diabetes.

As mentioned, you may be able to donate some islet cells instead of your whole pancreas. This may or may not be more successful for your loved one, but at least it decreases the risk to you. This is done in some univesity hospitals, but again, is not very successful long term in most cases.

Generally pancreas donors and islet cell donors are brain-dead.

You are a very sweet and caring person. I wish both of you all the best.

Okay, I was shocked to see that some people say no, but I am here to tell you that my friends husband had his taken out. It did
however make him diabetic... the answer is yes, but you will be on meds for the rest of your life.



Stephanie B
You can, but it is a serious risk. You can become diabetic and have to take insulin, and pancreatic enzymes, for the rest of your life.

Pancreas produces insulin. I assume yes because diabetics take insulin to survive when their pancreas no longer performs. I could be wrong though.

Many years ago, a patient without a pancreas could not survive because severe diabetes and an inability to digest food would immediately result. Today some patients can function without a pancreas, living fairly normal lives. However, they must take daily injections of insulin and pills that contain digestive enzymes for the rest of their lives. Sometimes pancreatic transplantation is an option for patients whose pancreas does not function normally.

Nancy Kay
no you cannot survive

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