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Joe and Kim L
Can my blood sugar raise if I don't eat?
My mother in law has just found out she has diabetes her bllod sugar was a little hight this moring so she did not eat she took her blood sugar before she ate does your blood sugar raise if yo don't eat when youre sopusse to.Does she have to eat at her schudle time each day even if she does not fell hungery Thanks for everyones help this is new to all of us

i think it lowers because if you think about it you don't have any sugar in you if you don't eat she does need to eat and or drink some juice or a coke

Your blood sugar will normally go down if you don't eat, hence you will feel lightheaded or nausea. It's a good idea to eat on a schedule, even if you don't feel hungry. Try those 100 calorie packs of snacks, an apple (apples, or fruit in general, have all natural sugar which helps your glucose levels) or even ONE peice of candy. Diabetics can have sugar, just in moderation. The best way, too, if your blood sugar drops (anything below a reading of 70 can be dangerous and 300 as a high) is to have some orange juice on hand. Orange juice is unbeliveably loaded with sugar. The best way, too, if your glycemic index/reading is high is to burn some calories.....quick!

The liver stores glycogen. The alpha cells of the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas release glucagon, which then converts the glycogen to usable d-glucose, otherwise known as dextrose for use in the body.

So the answer to your question is "yes".

To keep your blood sugar in check, eating is important. My 11 year old son is Type 1 diabetic. She should have a low carb meal. A scrambled egg with cheese, or something. Because the key is to keep your meals consistent to get your levels in check. Follow your Doctors diet recommendations and if it's not working, there are other programs to help personalize her diet. 3 meals a day, and 3 snacks > based on the carb count recommended by her Doctor. I've found if my sons blood sugars are high, and he is supposed to eat, a low carb snack helps level it out by the next test.

curious one
I just found out the same thing,about 6 weeks,when u sleep your sugar(glucos) go's down, exercise help's lower urr blood sugar.eat a proper diet (meat-protein)-(starch?)-and plenty of nonstarchy-vegetables.you should talk to your diabetic team(doctor,diabetic nurse,dietitian, DON'T MESS AROUND!!!

if you have diabities you have to eat- dont starve! always have a healthy snack with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the sugar probably wont rise but will drop (and its weird so who knows what it does)..............................be careful!

see your doctor for diet tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- dont eat potatoes and white bread........i know all those are VERY bad for you-!!!!!there are more foods you should not eat (well sweets, duh:)

john e russo md
I would need to know a great deal more about you mother in law and her diabetes as well as the medications she is taking in order to offer specific advice. The liver contains enormous stores of glucose (sugar) which it releases sometimes when it is not supposed to. Diabetics to various degrees have this problem and there are other reasons for the glucose to go up even if the person skips a meal. A diabetic needs to check their glucose not only before eating but also about two hours after eating as they may have a 'normal' glucose before meals but an 'elevated' glucose after meals. The very recent availability of sitagliptin (other gliptins are expected in 2007) allows us to respond to this as never before. In fact it is possible to obtain levels of control in diabetics today that were not thought possible even five years ago. Yes she should tend to eat at scheduled times even if she does not feel hungry. As always the very best of health to you and your mother in law. jermd

Doris D
It usually lowers it if you don't eat. But maybe it is what you ate before you go to bed.

Hi, I too am diabetic. I haven't heard that NOT eating can raise your glucose level. If I don't eat when I'm supposed to, my glucose level drops so low that I have to eat something very quickly. It's very frightening when you feel dizzy and shaky from low sugar. She really does need to eat small meals and or snacks throughout the day. As for her sugar being high this morning , it may be that she ate something sweet or some of the other no no's diabetics need to stay away from last night. Have her check her sugar 2 hours prior to eating and then 2 hours after eating. And mention it to the doctor. A good dietitian can really help you out a lot as far as what is safe to eat and what is bad for you to eat. Good luck. I hope i have helped you.

It will usually lower if you don't eat. Whether you sugar is high or low, it is not a good thing.

You haven't said if she is diet, tablet or insulin controlled, if she is insulin then she can up her insulin a bit to bring her blood sugar down, it's unlikely your blood sugar stays high if you don't eat unless there's something wrong, your hospital should have a diabetes specialist nurse who should explain and go through everything with you, if the blood sugar is high stay away from high sugared food also bananas, satsumas as these produce there own natural sugar

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