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Can high blood sugars cause a person to be aggressive????????

Holly B
I can tell you from experience from my Mom being diabetic that yes it can make people very aggressive if their blood sugar is reading very high like in the 300's or even a little higher than that. Usually you can calm them down by giving them like orange juice or something to bring their sugar down. My Mom sometimes drinks milk and lays down for awhile and it calms her down. Hope that answered your question!

I do not think so to be honest, glucose in the blood is their to provide energy, i.e respiration.
Although the energy will almost give you the ability to be certainly aggressive. The aggessiveness will only be prompted from your lateral thinking! i.e your brain!

Pankaj K
Yes there are few incidences where it is found that the person can be aggresive or say impatient or say insured. But i really doubt that there are any medical/scientific base for it to be proved.

Docent with me,just makes me feel bad as in ill

john e russo md
Elevated glucose may cause a person not to feel well and this may sometimes be expressed as 'aggressive' but it is a question of degree and I am not aware of a case where an elevated glucose led to a physically aggressive act.

High blood sugar usually causes a person to be rather hyperactive rather than aggressive, though agression can occur.

Low blood sugar is what REALLY makes people agressive - and you don't need to be a diabetic either. Think about when you're late for a meal and you end up getting grouchy - that only gets worse if you don't eat and it gets worse a lot faster in diabetics.

Yes, it can as just as extreme changes can as well, like a major drop in levels. Most doctors will say no, but I have seen way too many people exhibit that type of behavior. Good Luck!!!

It can cause so may problems that u would think of that its almost unreal.

Yes, high or low blood sugar cause a person to act strangely. If a person needs insulin to reduce their blood sugar level they can become aggressive or disorientated. Sometimes, even though they know they behaving oddly, they can't seem to rationalise enough to take their medication. This can be difficult for other people to deal with and that is why it is very important for diabetics to be self disciplined enough to take their medication on time and to eat regularly.

Absolutely! I often find that if my bs level is out of whack I get very emotional. I tend to get mad if it is high and very weepy if it is low. If you can get better control of your levels then you should be in a better mood.

Cathy :)
Yes - it can make you depressed and feel really rubbish - my boyfriend makes me check my blood sugar if I'm getting angry or sad for no reason! That's not to say that whenever someone with diabetes is angry or aggressive their blood sugar's high - we can have bad days like everyone else. If you're worried that this is a serious problem for you speak to your consultant or diabetes specialist nurse - there's probably something that they can offer to help - anger management techniques or maybe an alternative treatment that gives you better control. If you're asking about someone else please be sensitive - I don't think that anyone can really understand what it feels like to have high or low bloodsugar without actually experiencing it!

Yes, sugar in the blood system to a high leval can cause high agressiveness and hyperness. Mostly kids under 14 have it worse, seeing they eat sugar all the time

my husbands mood changes , if his sugar is to high or too low, it is more impatience than aggression with him.

Yes it can....;

yes Yes YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrr

Aggressive and mean! Yes, it can.

When I am running high, I am a slug. It would take too much energy to be aggressive. On the other hand, when I am low I turn into a real be-otch; not really physically aggressive, but definitely verbally.

I can always tell when my sister, who has diabetes, lets her sugar get too high. she turns into a real bit*h! it's unreal.

Doris D
Yes it has always done it to me my husband and children really hate to see me run high cause I will do and say things that will hurt them to the core. I ever knocked the crap out of my husband (who stands a foot taller than me) one time. Cause I was right and I wasn't gonna call the Dr. boy was I wrong I went to the hospital for a week. ha My daughter also is a Type 1 and ran high while she was pregnant and I really felt for her husband during that time.

YES! I'm a diabetic for over 30 yrs. and before knowing why I was so aggravated over simple tasks or upset over nothing & making big deals out of nothing, I had gone to see my Dr. after him doing blood work to see my sugar was & has been (at the time) 459mgs. he told me it was a wonder I was still standing & not had a stroke yet....it's all inter twined! Once my sugar was regulated so was my mood swings & personality. Good Luck friend.

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