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Brown Eyed Susan
Can fats turn to glucose/ sugar after they are broken down in our bodies?
My Mother is a diabetic; she takes 2 shots daily. and now it seems she has Alzhemiers Disease, too. I just read an Answer on Yahoo Answers/ someone said that Fats turn to glucose after they are broken down in one's body; I don't recall hearing or reading that information before. thank you for your help!

That is the only way they can be used for energy..

From what I understand from reading "Enter the Zone", all food will sooner or later convert/digest into glucose, some faster than others. Fat whether from another animal or from ourselves is glucose converted to long term storage, so when "burned" will convert back to glucose.

1/2 protein, 1/10 fat, 100% carbohydrate are the sugars in the diet.

John W
Have a look at http://diabetes.hammocksurvivalguide.com/
It's got over 1,000 articles on Diabetes. You could learn a lot about it there.

Okay fats do not turn to glucose at all !!!!
Fats are not gluconeogenic !!!! When your body has excess glucose and your body can't turn it into glycogen because glycogen storage is full then fats are oxidized into Acetyl CoA which is then used to make fats. Once glucose gets turned to acetyl CoA it can't be turned back into glucose because it's a irreversible biochemical reaction.

However proteins can be turned into glucose because some of the amino acids are gluconeogenic. Proteins can also be turned into Acetyl CoA and once they do they can't go back to being turned into that amino acids.

fat is different from sugar, i don't think it turns to glucose, although high fat is not good for your mom either=it could lead to heart problems~~I'm diabetic too.

All food groups are interchangeable in the body's metabolic process. Carbohydrates can turn sugar, fats into carbohydrates, fats into proteins, etc. There are limitations on proteins since some amino acids are termed "essential" i.e. they can't be made in the body. A diabetic has to pay special attention to his diet, and avoid excesses of any kind.

The human body has no problem turning excess glucose into fat, we are very good at doing that. But the body cannot turn fat back into glucose. That does not mean that fats cannot be used for energy, the body can take stored fats and remove 2 carbons at a time. Those 2 carbons will be attached to a Co enzyme A group and the fat now can be used in the citric acid cycle for energy production. The body can use the carbon skeletons from amino acids to make new glucose molecules, and this can happen in diabetes. The protein comes from muscle and causes protein wasting, but no fat cannot be converted to glucose but amino acids from proteins can.

I don't think so. Glucose is used for energy and if the body uses up the glucose, then it converts the stored fat for energy but fat does not actually become glucose.

The burning of fats would not hurt the sugar level of a diabetic.

Glucose (sugar and carbohydrates) and some components of protein can be converted into body fat. Dietary fat is also stored as body fat. When you exercise or expend energy this fat is broken down into its component parts.

Fat (triglyceride)= glycerol and 3 fatty acid chains

Only the glycerol can be converted back into glucose (the glycerol is a very small component of the overall trigylceride) and this won't have a great impact on her overall blood glucose level. However, if your mom is exercising more her insulin dose may need to be adjusted.

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