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Can diabetics eat honey rather than sugar?
I have noticed on Honey labels that it is 78% sugars but can I eat it as a diabetic?

blue dolphin
Yes you can. But read this page first.
Also go through a few sites on this page.

no, honey is identical to refined sugar in it's chemistry, and it is used by the body the same way sugar is. honey is as much a no no for diabetics as refined sugar.

Bob T

Um not sure what your getting at. Chocolate isn't 100% sugar either but is a good source of sugar for diabetics.

Yes, but not too much of it and preferably as part of a meal.

karen h

Honey is like natures natural sugar. I wouldn't eat it and I don't I'm a diabetic myself.

Gary B
Honey is just concentrated sugar. 78% sugar 22% water.

For a diabetic, it must be treated just like sugar, and eaten only sparingly, if at all.

Technically, honey is WORSE for a diabetic. Honey is primarily glucose, which require no digestion to enter you blood stream. Honey causes an immediate blood sugar spike.

Table sugar, on the other hand, requires at least a little digestion, so the blood sugar spike is a little bit slower than with honey -- but not by much.

Jaime S
for high blood sugar,no. honey is 17 grams of carbs in a tablespoon. and sugar is 4 grams per teaspoon. so it is alot higher in honey. and carbs are worse than the sugar intake. So the answer is ,if you are gonna use sugar use a little bit. I like Splenda,as a substitute.

Only in moderation. The fact is that honey is mostly sugar, notwithstanding that it produces other unrelated health benefits, such as booting your immune system.

As a type 1 diabetic, my son has to treat honey in the same way as he does sugar. So sorry to say that honey is no better for you!

Both are pretty bad.. but you can eat a little.

Christin K
Honey is also sugar. It's just a natural form of it. You need to monitor your honey intake just like you would white granulated sugar, brown sugar, molasses, sorghum syrup, corn syrup or any substance that ends in the letters -ose.

Honey does have more nutritional benefits--(not MANY, but some) than white sugar.

Sugar is sugar.
Honey is still sugar, because, like all carbs, it will turn into glucose in the blood stream. You still need insulin for honey.

The good news is that honey is a natural sugar and it will metabolize more easily. Try to avoid processed and refined sugars (hard to avoid in our world today) and you'll find your sugar will stay level more easily.

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