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just wondering
Can diabetes(Hyperglycemia) cause random/violent outburst with no catalyst?
example: My husband was eating lunch & when I approched him to talk, he started cursing/name calling & said to leave him alone. After a few hours, he returns to normal. I read so much about mood swings with hypoglycemia but nothing for the oppostie.

I've never experienced random/violent outbursts before without a catalyst, and I've been in the 300's before I was put on proper medication. I'm guessing that it's something else.

Go Bruins
Hyperglycemia doesn't cause random/violent outbursts. Stress can cause that, but not hyperglycemia. I've seen people in the 700s and even a person who was up to 2000 (they passed out after 750 at home and didn't wake up for four days) and they would pass out before bursting out. A person would be more likely to go into a coma than expend energy in an emotional outburst. I work at a hospital on a unit where we see many diabetics and none of them have violent outbursts due to hyperglycemia. Did you talk to him about it? Don't accept the excuse that his blood glucose was too high.

I would not expect this to have anything to do with his blood sugar. I would be more apt to think he is just using his diabetes as an excuse for his inappropiate behavior and lack of self control.

Cheree S
My husband is type 1. He does have major mood swings when his blood sugar is off. As said earlier, he needs to monitor what he's eating and his blood sugar. I have known my husband for 10.5 years and this has been a constant. I don't think that it's fair for him to excuse his behavior becuase his blood sugar is off. Cussing and calling you names, or in my case, my husband's hitting (early on) and then his own outbursts, should never be alright. My husband continued to blame outbursts on blood sugar and I couldn't continue the relationship becuase I wanted my children to be with someone who wouldn't hurt me or them.
I've known other diabetics who do have mood swings, but violence isn't one of their behaviors.

Good luck.

HYPOglycemia can def. cause MOOD changes. Many times when I have been low..I have become grouchy and irritable...and yell about things..that normally don't bother me. My family usually just tells me to go eat something..haha..if I start getting moody.

Absolutely not. He (or you) is simply using this to excuse his bad behavoir. There is something wrong with him but it doesn't have anything to do with his diabetes. He needs to seek the advice of a mental health professional. Sounds bi-polar to me.
Marriage counseling should be considered here as well.

Dorothy and Toto
When he's eating lunch, he probably has LOW BLOOD SUGAR! That's why he's eating. The blood sugar won't go up till after he's finished eating. So give him some peace at the dinner table.

A buddy of mine recently disclosed that he had diabetes, too, and that he was experiencing occasional depression.

Maybe that happens when his blood sugar level is too low or too high.

I have noticed that if I do not eat for six hours (I know, I shouldn't do that; but I get into my job), I feel both physically and mentally/emotionally anxious to eat. And once i complete the ritual of testing my blood sugar and shooting up, I eat as if I had fasted for three days.

Maybe your husband's blood sugar was too low, and his body and mind went into panic mode...

Mr. Peachy®
More likely the health problems resulting from poor diet and lack of exercise will cause mood swings more than the change in blood glucose will. I've been at 200 with no noticeable difference in mood.

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