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 Type 2 diabetic?
My ? is how long before your blood sugar goes down- I have been taking METFORMIN now for 16 days. 2weeks 1 time a day and now I am taking it 2 x day.I started at 248 now it is 155. What is normal?I ...

 I had a blood test which showed my blood sugar level at 6.1 when they tested for diabetes.?
Now my doctor is sending me for a second test. I am scared because diabetes runs on both sides of my family and my big toes have neen tinlgy and numb lateley, as well, my feet and legs have been ...

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 Could diabetes be causing me complications though I 've never been diagnosed with the disease?
Okay, so for a year or two now I've had a fear that I have diabetes. My mom says that it's not possible, and besides I don't have health insurance so she won't take me to go get ...

 What sugar substitute can be used safely by diabetics without spiking my glucose monitor? is there anything?
out there for my bland oatmeal with soymilk?????? is sweetener a thing of the past now??? thanks!...

 I am 32 years old and i ahve uncontrolled DM and recently ihave numbness in my hand so please advise me what?

 What's the safe result when yo utest your bood for diabetes/ glucose?
I think i have diabetes and i have the blood tester thing at home. I got the result 65, is that normal or what?...

 What should I say to my mom to make her wake up?
My mother was diagnosed with diabete many years ago and has been insulin dependent for a while, as well. She still goes out to eat at buffets and eats all kinds of garbage she shouldn't be ...

 How do I know i have diabetes?
I'm always thirsty, and my toungue tends to get try. I drink alot of water, but even without drinking it, I have to use the bathroom frequently, and lately I have been really tired and less ...

 What do you think of a boyfriend who does his own thing without consulting his grilfriend first . thanks?
we have been together for 3 years.
Additional Details
we do live together. he always is helping other people, which is o.k. but not all the time, we are suppose to be a couple. and were ...

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 Can I use a Blood Glucose Monitor although I'm not diabetic?
Okay, so I ordered this free Blood Glucose Monitoring system from OneTouch (I got the UltraMini) and I was wondering, although I'm not diabetic, can I monitor my blood glucose with this?? The ...

 Whats good to bring dietbetices under control or cure it !?


 My blood presure is 120 and im a teen is that bad???
i cheked my blood presure its 120 its that bad or is it normal?????...

 Zyprexa and alcohol?
Can they be used ...

 I got enough points to be level 2 but i'm still level 1. and i lost points asking this question. WHY!?

 How do you inject the air into an insulin vile?
I just changed from a pen to a syringe. Do you inject the air into the vile while holding it right side up (air into air) or upside down (air into insulin)?

Sounds dumb, but the nurse ...

 For male what is the age limit to have a healthy baby.I am 38 and diabetic,is it advisable now?

 How did my brother get diabetes type 1 ?
He is 12 and since i been born he has had it?How?...

Can dehydration raise your blood sugar level?

carpet guy
This is a great website for diabetics. You can post your Question there too

i think so~~~

It's more concentrated, the way sugar water would be more concentrated if some of the water evaporated.


i think that any changes that your body goes thru can alter you blood sugar,, infections....stress,,,they can all raise it...

Dehydration can raise insulin resistance, which in turn causes high BS.

High bs also causes dehydration.

It won't raise your blood sugar, but if your blood sugar is too high then it usually makes you dehydrated. When your blood sugar is high and you take extra insulin, drinking water will help flush the sugar out of your system faster.

Most of the time dehydraiton is CAUSED by high blood sugar.

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