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 Other than going to the doctors what should i do for imemia?? (iron defencey)?
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 How can the fasting blood sugar be 106 and the blood sugar an hour after a meal be 85?
On two occasions that my blood was tested, the fasting blood sugar was above normal (106), but the blood sugar an hour after a meal was within limits (85).

Isn't this an anomaly?

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 What type of doctor specializes in diabetes(the official title of that doctor)?
Dermatologist work with skin

Gynocologist work with, well you know

Pediatricians work with kids

Oncologist work with cancer patients

what is the name for ...

 How do you know if you have diabetes?
can someone please tell me all the signs of having diabetes? i am 12 yrs old and after i finish eating my dinner, i test my blood sugar like 3 or 4 hour later and the results are 140...is this normal....

 What is the best brand of oatmeal and or breakfasts in general for you diabetics out there? What do you eat?

 Why do my feet swell whenever I eat salt? Does it have anything to do with the fact that I have diabetes?

Additional Details
Do you know where I can learn more about the interaction between the kidneys and salt?...

 How serious is it?
I had some lab work done the other day and when my doctor's office called today they told me my blood sugar (after fasting for 12 hours) was 230. Is this something I should be concerned about?...

 As a prediabetic and a busy life style, what are some nonperishables I can keep at work?
I have a busy lifestyle but I'm trying I have a hard time keeping fresh vegetables, milk, yogurt at work because they either go bad or the work fridge gets filled up. Are some other types of ...

Kenny N
Can a person die if they are injected with a lot of insulin?

Additional Details
much do they have to get injected with to die right away?

Yes. It actually is a very effective way to kill yourself. Your brain must have glucose in order to function. With a lot of insulin, all of the glucose would be stored away in cells. At minimum it would put you in a coma.

There are cases where people have used insulin as a method to commit murder. Interestingly it can be tracked by lab studies. The insulin you produce yourself is different than that that is administered exogenously. The amount that it would take to kill an average person would be very different than that who is diabetic. Some diabetics administer over 100 U of insulin to themselves everyday. That would most certainly be a fatal dose in a non-diabetic person. I don't know if the minimum "fatal" dose is really known as it is not something studied.

yes too much insulin will cause the persons sugar to crash. I don't like this question so I won't go any farther with it.

Yes yes yes I threaten my boyfriend about it all the time LMAO!! but seriously a friend of mines mom commited suicide using her husbands insulin a year ago,she was dead before thew ambulance arrived

Being injected with too much insulin can cause blood sugars to drop drastically, and cause a coma--and then death.

It's a bad method. You don't simply go to sleep.You will feel terror .

Absolutely! Insulin can be a very dangerous drug-if a person has too much insulin they will become weak, lethargic, sweaty, confused, sleepy, etc..and if a person is not treated for hypoglycemia and the blood sugar continues to fall--it can lead to seizures, unconsciousness, coma and death. An untreated episode of hypoglycemia and/or a person who is unconscious from hypoglycemia is a medical emergency and requires immediate intervention.

Yes. They may die or have irreversible brain damage even with small amounts.

If you are planning to kill yourself, seek help now. If you were to do this, there is a chance you will suffer severe brain damage and yet not die, becoming a vegetable (i.e. persistant vegetative state) for the rest of your days. It would also be a terrifying way to go, as you wait for it all to kick in and slowly lose control.

If you are thinking of harming someone else, know that lethal doses of insulin can be detected. They will check the person's c-peptide level, which indicates natural insulin levels in the body. If they have low blood sugar and more insulin than c-peptide, they know it was injected.

Insulin is NOT something to be played with. If you are asking for reasons beyond curiousity, please talk to someone about it who can help you.

Either that or he can have a free-for-all at the pizza shop.

Yes if they have too much they could go into a coma and they could even die

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