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 HOW FREQUENT is the thirst in diabetes?

Carl R
Can a diabetic patient take alchohol (vodka) and how much is permissable everyday?

Not a good idea.

Ask your doctor.

Why are you asking people at Yahoo!? Even another diabetic, or a nurse or doctor who hasn't examined you would never be able to answer this appropriately for you.


No, they cannot.

Alcohol tends to lower your blood sugar, which can cause unexpected lows; you can DIE in a diabetic coma...is it worth it? There are so many things in the world that are more fun than being drunk! Please don't do that.

carpet guy
This is a great website for diabetic.You can post your Question there too

Melissa I
If your diabetic, you could have long term problems associated with drinking. It takes antibodies twice as long to heal your body from sickness. Adding alcohol to your daily routine is only causing much more severe problems to your body.

Alcohol converts to sugar, diabetics cant process sugar... therefor, diabetics should not drink alcoholof any kind at all!

Doris D
a diabetic should not drink any alcohol at all i don't care if it is vodka.

A diabetic shouldnt drink too many alcoholic drinks at all. You can drink that, but be careful not to drink a lot.

I wish people would stop disregarding people's Answers on Yahoo Answers in 'Diabetes'. I see it alot. There are good resources here, better than many other places. Plus, you get answers without bias of trying to sell you something. This includes the physician's office who sells you their services and often know less about diabetes than people living with it most of their lives. Those people you can find here.

With that out of the way, diabetics CAN and DO drink alcohol. In moderation, there is nothing taboo or wrong with this. Just maintain blood sugar monitoring and control just as you would with anything else. There are far worse things that can affect your blood sugar.

As far as drinking Vodka everyday and trying to figure out what is permissible, see my above comment. However, you may have another problem to deal with, like alcoholism. That and diabetes are a dangerous mix.

Carl, you need to leave the Vodka alone. What does your doctor or health educator recommend for your daily nutritional intake? Your quality of life will depend on how well you take care of yourself now. That daily vodka now might result in dialysis, blindness or amputation later. Please take good care of yourself.

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