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Durga Man R
Can a diabetic patient can eat boiled egg?
i am diabetic patient and would like to know more about food what i can eat during brakefast, lunch & dinner time.

morever i am staying alone so you can understand i am not cooking i am complitely depending on resturant food.

pls advice which are the fruits i can eat.
can i eat boild eggs.

Ask your doctor, not some random people on the internet, for dietery advice with a serious health condition.

Sure you can. I do. But not everyday. Like 2 a week.

Dave B
Firstly a there is no reason why a diabetic can't eat a boiled egg. Any fruit and vegetables are good for you though things high in natural sugar such as grapes should only be consumed in smaller amounts (such as 6-8 grapes per portion).

Gil D
Diabetes often result to high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, and high triglycerides. Boiled egg will not make your glucose to suddenly rise. But be sure to have cholesterol and tri g levels checked for precaution.

mike w
sure you can,but not more than three a day

Yes, yes, For diabetics eggs are one of our mainstays. Bacon, ham , steak . Apples , not to ripe bananas, are OK. get on computer and find a GLYCIMIC INDEX> it the best way to find out if food is ok to eat for a diabetic. Anything over 55 is not really good for you. Bread if you must have for breakfast must be whole wheat. Breads , pasta ,rice are no, no's.You need community help to shop for you. You are in a bind .I can see through your question. Don't know if you have enough money , you did not say. But money can buy you things to eat properly. Food on wheels would be a God send. Check it out. Wish I was there . I'd help you out. .Also take care of Diabetes. Exercise if you can. Better than meds. Or at least in combo. Take care , and I have real compassion for you. lots of love herman

Yes, the boiled egg should be no problem. The main thing you have to be concerned about is carbohydrates (bread, pasta, etc.) and sugar. With fruit I'm not so sure, I know oranges can cause a rapid rise in blood suger. We usually give orange juice to people with low sugar to quickly bring it up. Check your local community calendar to see if they offer diabetic classes, a lot of hospitals offer them too. Also your Dr should have reading materials available to help find the right foods for you. Check the libary for diabetic cookbooks and even the internet should have a wealth of info.

You need to clarify what type of Diabetes you have.

Insulin dependent vs Non-Insulin dependent.

I find it hard to believe that you were diagnosed with diabetes without someone counseling you on what and how to eat!

You need to go to your local hospital and ask to talk to the Dietition and get advice on Diabetic Diets.

But, to answer your question, boiled eggs are fine for diabetics. They are high quality protein and no sugar, but you need more than eggs to balance your diet!

Please make an appt. with a dietician asap thru your Dr. You can eat and should eat from all basic food groups-well balanced meals. Yes, eggs are okay, fruits-bananas, apples, things like that.
A balanced diet, with certain portion sizes of carbs, proteins, veggies and fruits are essential in everyone's diet.
Take care.

yeah. one will be good for breakfast

a boiled egg has no carb value, and you have to count carbs. go back to your doc, inform him/her you are lost on what to eat, get your blood type done, ask for materials/flyers, go to a support group, join the American diabetes assoc, look at their web site, AND buy 2 books:
1. "Diabetes: fight it with the blood type diet" by Dr Paul J. D'Adamo
[it was a lifesaver for me]
2. the Diabetes Carbohydrate & Fat Gram Diet by the american diabetes association

You need to read up on this disease, find out as much as you can, its sad, but most people have to be their own health advocate these days as you dont want to develop the serious body-problems that accompany diabetes.

Eggs are good food and have been pulled back off the Heart Assn list of no no foods as have shrimp, nuts, avocados and quite a few other foods.

I eat 2 eggs, bacon/ham/sausage, and half slice whole wheat toast for breakfast almost every day. Eggs fixed any way you like.

To figure out what the various fruits do for or to your blood sugar levels: test glucose, eat the fruit, and test again 90 minutes to 2 hours after the first test. If the food causes glucose to rise to more than 50 points, consider how much you like that fruit or food and whether you will delete it or limit it in your food plan.

I go only to restaurants where they will eliminate the potatoes, peas and carrots from my plate. If they will substitute more salad stuff that is great! I also do not eat corn in any form.

Please do not think you have to clean your plate at a restaurant. Eat only a fist sized portion of meats. Eat lots of green leafy salads and other good salad veggies. Eat just a bit of the bread and ask for whole wheat or whole grain.

Apples are great food. I slice them thin and have them with those nice flavored cream cheese dips for snack time. A hand full of nuts is great also.

You should go back to doctor and ask for reference to dietician or certified diabetes educator and ask your questions there.

Sue is absolutely right about the eggs. The only thing you have to worry about in regards to eggs is if your cholesterol is high. A boiled egg would be great any time of day for a diabetic because they have no carbs. I will give my (diabetic) daughter an egg in between meals if she gets hungry because it won't effect her sugar levels. You can even cook it in a little butter if you'd rather, butter doesn't have carbs either. And if you do decide to scramble them just limit the milk add, milk does have some carbs.

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