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Can I still eat Hamburger Helper?
I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I am now taking NPH insulin and am on a 2000 calorie diet. My kids and I love Salisbury Hamburger Helper and I was just wondering if I could still eat it or if there is a way to make it where I can eat it.

baby cakes u just dont no

this question would probably be better asked at a doctor's office than on yahoo answers. i think not but maybe you could try it and see what happens!

marie a
My husband and I have ate this many times with out having higher blood sugars. I can have 3 carbs (45 grams) for supper so I eat 1 cup HH (2carbs), salad with low carb dressing, and low carb ice cream bar (15 grams) and my sugars are never high.

Not S
Hamburger Helper is crap food. In fact , ALL the boxed meal foods are super high in sodium, msg and fat. You should not be feeding that crap to your kids. You can make your own healthy version by sauteeing the LEAN ground beef in extra virgin olive oil . Add some green onions, peppers, garlic. Add the noodles and there you go . Much healthier. Dont forget to have steamed veggies on the side. You dont want your kids to have diabetes too know right? Because they are heading down that path.

Eating that is a really bad idea. First off its really unhealthy, pack with calories, sugar and salt. All of these are not helpfull to your health. You could probably eat it maybe once or twice a month as a treat but that is relaly all I would suggest. Try to stick to fruits and veggies as much as you can. Try boiling vegeies and making a puree out of them to add to other foods, like carrots in waffles, and spinich in meat loaf. Good luck!

Tim R
Yes in small quantities.

Sure, but you have to count out the carb and only eat the amount of carb that your doctor says your body can handle. Could you make it with about 1/2 the pasta and double the meat? That would really bring the carbs down for you, because 1 cup of that stuff is a whopping 33g of carb.

Hamburger Helper is full of carbs. I think you should find something a little healthier than that, especially while pregnant and being diabetic. Pasta has carbs, especially pasta made with white flour, you are supposed to have limited carbs.

No, that stuff is processed junk and any time you have overprocessed foods the carbohydrates go through the roof.

You need to make a healthy alternative - use whole wheat or high protein pasta mixed with meat, veggies, etc.

Also, speaking as a mom here...Hamburger Helper is loaded with MSG and it's really awful food to be feeding your kids. I'm convinced this over-processed pasta stuff is contributing to the obesity epidemic. There's no nutrition in it except for the meat which you add yourself. It's just junk taking up space in their stomachs. Sorry for the lecture but take it from someone who used to eat that way in my 20's and who ended up with diabetes permanently? Me. Once you get off that stuff you would be amazed at how much energy you get from food that's actually fuel for your body instead of something that weighs you down and does nothing for you nutritionally.

I don't see why you can't eat it. You just need to measure it out and count the carbs. As long as you are getting the nutrition you need from your other meals, a little hamburger helper is not going to hurt you. And I remember the dieticians telling me that pregnant women should have a little pasta in their diet. So go ahead.

The problem with your answers so far is that they are all from regular diabetics, not from people who have experience with gestational diabetes. There is a huge difference in treatment for GD, because the primary focus is not on your health, but on the health of your unborn baby. And your baby needs carbs, you can't just go on a low carb diet. But you probably know that already.

So at this point, don't nitpick your diet to death any more than you have to. Keep your baby healthy and worry about the rest later. You're going to have to really watch yourself after your baby is born ... you're either going to go straight into being a type 2 diabetic, or you will be at increased risk of it. But for now don't put too much pressure on yourself. I had GD myself with my last child ... I know how much harder it is to be pregnant when you have to follow a diet too. And what the others here either don't know or don't remember, is that pregnant women get VERY HUNGRY, lol ... especially for certain foods. I really understand what you're going through.

I have a ton of advice I would love to share with you, but it's too much to include in this answer. So I'll just say that one of the best things I discovered while I had GD, was how much exercise made a difference. If you find yourself getting too hungry and you can't have any more carbs, or if you're just tired of being on such a strict diet ... start exercising on a daily basis, and you will be able to eat more carbs. I'm not talking about aerobics, just walking. And you'll find the more you walk the more fit you'll be which means you'll be able to eat even more. At 7 months I started walking 2 miles every other day. Not only could I eat a lot more, but the doctors started to get upset with me because I was losing weight. And my baby was a perfectly healthy 7lbs 6oz. Really, exercise will help more than you can imagine. Just make sure you have some form of sugar handy when you walk, that you can take if your blood sugars get low. Hard candy works well.

Email me if you want ... :o)

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