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Breaking insulin needles?
What should I do if a needle breaks inside me while doing an insulin injection? It is a very real fear as I jump at sudden loud noises which happens frequently where I live.

You're ok.

I've been injecting since 1971 and never broken one. They're quite bendy actually!

if you happen to break it off in yourself head to the e.r. and have them remove it

More likely it would bend than break.

I have been diabetic for years and I have never broken a needle. I did bend one once. I didn't get my full dose because it didn't go where it was supposed to go. I had problems with my sugar that day.

The actual injection only takes a second or two. I wouldn't worry too much about it. If a needle did break off, just see your doctor to have it removed. I'm sure it's happened to someone out there.

Iv been diabetic for about 10 years and haven't yet broken a needle, so try not to worry too much. If you are really worried, ask your doctor next time you go x

It's never happened to me and I have been diabetic for 22 years plus at one point I was notorious for reusing the syringes until the numbers started to wear off. I also think it would bend way before it broke.

Cathy :)
ouch! has this happened or are you just scared of it hapening? It takes quite a lot to break a needle, like a couple of bends - when I was younger n the needles were thicker (or seemed to be!) one kinda went sideways like that n ripped my skin (I have v unsteady hands) - it was sore but the needle didn't break! If it did I guess I'd just try to take it out n if not go down to a+e n they will get it out for you. You shouldn't re-use needles btw - I guess if you did then it'd be more likely to break. Hope it doesn't happen! xxx

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