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Blood sugar reading of 231?
I just tested my Moms blood sugar, and it came out to be 240. I know that is high, so I retested, and it was 231.

We have a call into her doctor, I was just wondering if you guys could tell me how dangerous is it for her level to be a 231? I heard rumors that anything over 200 can be life threatening...is that true?

The blood test was done around 3-4 hours after she ate anything last.

Thank you to all who answer.

She is not known to be diabetic.

Additional Details
I tested her because she is on a new medicine that says to be cautious of her blood sugar levels. We had a tester because her home nurse was using it on her before. That is why.

Take her for a walk exercise will help lower the sugar level.

Daniel F
thats a bit high, and calls for further investigation. ive seen people acting fine at twice that level - so at this point i would just have her checked out.

231 is not immediately life-threatening, but it is a high value, much more considering that over 3 hours had passed (post-prandial sugars should not exceed 180).

It seems to me that, if she's having these values it is possible that she is diabetic. Only a doctor can confirm this, though, but it is definitely not something normal and it needs to be looked into sooner than later.

In case it helps, I would also like to invite you to join TuDiabetes.com, a community for people touched by diabetes.

It's not an immediate life-threatening problem. Just tell her not to eat anything for a while longer. If she absolutely has to eat, make sure she eats fat like scrambled eggs with butter (no ketchup) or something like that. Fats don't raise blood sugar.

Are you sure the machine your using is calibrated properly or the battery is not low? I would not be so concerned with a reading of 231. However I would address it with her doctor. They may do a fasting insulin and glucose test to see if she is having any problems.

231 is not dangerous but may be alarming! Read that value again a) before breakfast (nothing must be eaten or drunk other than water at least for 8 h) then b) 2-hours after breakfast with the same glycometer. These measurements can be done at home.

If the preprandial (before breakfast) reading is over 130 mg/dL and/or postprandial (2 h after breakfast) is over 180 mg/dl; then take your mom to hospital for measurements of blood sugar in laboratory

Good for you for calling the DR. He will order some further blood tests from the regular lab for her. I wonder how you happened to test it if she is not a diabetic? Anyway now she will be treated and try not to worry.

It should not be an immediate danger but having high blood sugar for a long time is dangerous. It sounds like she is probably diabetic and should see a doctor right away. Anything over 200 is a sign of possibly having diabetes. Normal fasting blood sugar should be between 80 and 120. If she tested 231 4 hours after eating it seems like she is diabetic but have a doctor check it out to make sure.

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