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 If some one pee for more than ten times a day is it diabetic?
Hi everyone,

Few years ago this started.I couldnt stay two hours without peeing.At that time i felt burning when peeing.And urine was redcolored.And i met a doctor and did some tests.The ...

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As so, it runs in my ...

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 I think i have diabetes?
i always have
Extreme hunger;
Extreme thirst;
Weakness and tiredness;
Irritability and mood swings;

does that mean i have it

if so how would they check ...

 How does a one handed dibetic give herself shots if sh is right hanede and can only use her left hand?

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Helen D
Blood Sugar Goes Up and Down Why ?
My sugar runs funny 2 hours after eating it was 189 then about two late 91 less the 20 min drop to 67 about 45 min back to 85 now after two hours 169 drives me crazy

Homeostasis--the reason for all changes in life

Type of food and amount eaten effects your blood sugar along with medication does. My son use to rebound have a severe low then a severe high then low. Doc said his body did release some insulin then his body released stored glucose to cover the low. Best thing to do is be consistent with type of food and portions and times eaten. Discuss this with your doctor maybe the medication is too high or low. See a dietitian they can really help with your diet. Remember hormones, emotions, excessive heat, illness and exercise can effect your body and blood sugars.

Guy R
if the highest you ever go is 189....and the lowest is 67....that is good, try lows of 35 and highs of 400^

your body produces insulin - and blood/sugar levels fluctuate with the natural insulin and the sugar you digest.

u r a diabetic, pl go to a doctor and start treatment immediately... this is serious problem, and if it is fluctuating it more dangerous

Reactive hypoglycemia, perhaps. Did you eat a lot of carbs or sugar when this occured?

You're checking it too often and should drink more water...

avoid rice.better take only wheat bread and chapathi for good results. and for further details email me to saraswathi.sts@gmail.com

Daniel B
esactly that the sugar intake! more sugar its higher less its lower

it has alot to do with what you eat and how well your body processes sugar. eating the typical american diet produces horrible results in your blood sugar and your body in general. ditch the crap and eat fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. soda pop, white bread and all the processed stuff should go right in the garbage.

Follow your prescribed diet to the letter. Don't screw around with your health.

diabetes go to the dox hunuy

You're a diabetic. You should be counting the carbohydrates you eat and use that as a guide for controlling your blood sugar level. If you're on insulin you need better control. If you're on pills you need better control of what you eat. Counting carb's with help level your ups and downs. It means that you will eat less of the high carb foods and more of the low carb foods. Counting really helps. It's really great that your measuring your glucose level so often because you appear to lack the necessary control. When you establish an eating pattern your glucose level will be more predictable and stable. Example: I have one egg and slice of cheese plus cup of coffee for breakfast (along with insulin). My morning bg is about 105. Two hours later it's 100-110. It drops to about 95 before lunch. I have a salad and insulin. Two hours later it's maybe 120. Then it drops to about 85 by dinner time. You get the picture. It's all about control. When you establish a meal plan, you gain glucose level control and prodictability. For diabetics, it really a must. Otherwise, rapid changes as you have lead to complications. And nobody wants diabetic complications.

I would strongly suggest that you use Shaklee's Energizing Soy Protein to regulate your blood sugar.

The key to Shaklee Soy Protein's amazing ability to help people feel energized for hours is something scientists refer to as glycemic response.

Glycemic response describes the effect a food has on blood sugar. Foods like a hot-fudge sundae can cause your blood sugar to spike and then plummet rapidly. A short time after you've finished the last spoonful, you feel tired, irritable, and surprisingly hungry considering the number of calories you've just consumed. This is exactly the opposite of how you feel after a serving of Shaklee Soy Protein.

In a clinical study, subjects consumed 110 calories from carbohydrates alone and their blood sugar was measured every half hour. As expected, blood sugar shot up immediately and then quickly crashed. It's this "rollercoaster" response that can lead to feelings of jitterness, irritability, and hungar.

However, when subjects consumed 110 calories of Shaklee Soy Protein, the results were significantly different. Blood sugar didn't spike, nor did it plummet. Instead it remained essentially level. The body's natural metabolic balance was undisturbed.

For more info or questions, feel free to contact me.

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