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Blood Glucose Test 197 How to bring it down?
My husband's been feeling weak the last couple of days, so I did at-home blood test & it read 197.
What can I do at home to lower it?

change the foods you eat.exercise with weights. drink plenty of water.

daily exercise, healthy eating, and plenty of water are all great suggestions. however I would take him in to the Dr. and get him check for diabetes as well because he may need medication. Dont just assume you can fix this on your own, you have no idea how long he has been high, and the longer he goes undiagnosed the higher risk of complications he gets. Please take him in to get officially diagnosed/tested.

Stop eating packaged, frozen and canned foods from the supermarket. Go for fresh vegetables, and proteins from a health food store. Avoid pasta, rice, breads, flour & cake or desserts as they are carbs and will make his sugar level soar. Even fruits are converted to sugar, so avoid them for a while. Drink bottled water, no juices, no sodas and definitely no fast food. See if you have a Trader Joe's near you as their food (natural & organic) does not cost as much as other health food stores like Whole Foods, for instance.

exercise and decrease the amount of sugar and sugary foods he eats. also decrease the amount of carbs as well. try whole wheat, you can buy anything in whole wheat these days. no white potatoes, sweet potatoes are better. exercise will move the glucose in the blood to the cells to be used.

If your husband is a diabetic, this could be due to a lack of exercise or a need to reevaluate diet and medication. If he has not been diagnoised a diabetic an A1C should be done. This is taken over a period of time and is a time weighted average of blood glucose levels-the most accurate way to determine diabetic status. Weather factors, activity levels and diet can affect someone the same way. A complete range of lab work will rule out fatigue, diabetes, etc.

Dr. Tommy Skelton

gu r
Stop reading all these silly answers and see a medical professional. If your husband has been at this level for say ten years, and it is quite possible, he may have already done some damage. there are about twenty questions to follow up on that 197 reading, so see a doctor, maybe even an endocrinologist eventually.

change his diet!! eliminate anything white, avoid anything tan or orange. Eat lots of green leafy stuff and tomatoes. Blue berries bring my glucose levels down.

otherwise: take him to the doctor and ask for complete blood count work up. But you should consider that anyway.

the problem could be with a medication he is taking? or an infection? or lots of things. Best to see the doctor and get a definite diagnosis.

High glucose numbers cause damage to peripheral blood vessels and nerves. anything over 126 is considered a high number if fasting.

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