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Are thick toenails common with Diabetes?

im diabetic and have never heard of anything about that..

i dont think so why????????

idk im pretty sure no but i no diabetes shouldnt let there feet get hurt

kelly a
yes they are very common and if u have thick toenails u need to see a podiatrist to have them cut. i have extremly bad feet and right now my foot is swollen from sores and stuff like that. another symptom of thick toe nails is fungus. so please be careful...

I'm not sure. but i know that leg problems are common, with circulation and stuff like that

Thickened toenails are slightly more common in diabetics as toenail fungus is slightly more common in diabetics.

Thick toenails can be caused by many things, including psoriasis, fungus, chronic infection, chronic micro-trauma (from shoes or the underlying bone) etc.

Being diabetic puts you at a slightly increased risk for thickened toenails, but it would be hard to blame it solely on diabetes.

Mr. Peachy®
No. They're only common among those of us who suffer from toenail fungus.

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