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 Can You die from having Diabetes????
I was just Jw cuz i'm confused. People are saying you can but then people are saying you can't!!!SO HELP!!!!
Additional Details
cause my BFF died a year ago from it but we have ...

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♥ Candice ♥
Are there any health risks if diabetes is not taken care of?
evaluation of potential health risks that may develop it the plan is not implimented
Additional Details
are there any chronic illnesses that can happen because of diabetes

Health risks if diabetics is not taken care of?
Uncared diabetic condition spells RED all over !!!!!!!
(The EYES/The HEART/TheKIDNEYS)..are some organs on its HIT LIST.
...difficult to stop Bleeding & wounds that refuses to heal are some among other hosts of prolems.
... Education (diabetis)
... consultation (diabetologist)
...learn to live happily with diabetis.

wishing all D best
God Bless U


Umm, yeah, like heart disease, artery disease, blindness, heart attack, stroke, loss of limbs, kidney disease, should I go on? Both type one and two diabetics are at risk for these and other diseases. Not to mention the fact that when you are a diabetic, you are consider "high risk" for the flu, colds, pneumonia and a lot of other communicable diseases, And if we get sick with some of these things, it can cause us a lot of other problems that people with out diabetes don't have to worry about.

How about kidney failure,going blind, losing limbs.Diabetes must not be ignored.

....untreated well diabetes give effect complication disease kidney failure, heart attack, stroke..... very dangers....

If you have bad control of your diabetes you are susceptible to so many complications. Such as kidney/renal disease, poor circulation causes nerve damage which might lead to amputations. Nerve damage caused behind the eyes creates blockage of dead blood cells which leads to blindness-Retinopathy. Strokes and heart attacks, coma, death.....

just like you got on the computer and ask this question, go to yahoo search engine, type up diabetes and hit search...........

Diabetes is a progressive disease. The more it goes untreated, the worse it gets, leading to increased risks for (and this is not a comprehensive list), blindness, brain damage, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, kidney failure, male impotence, loss of circulation into the legs (leading to chronic unhealing wounds, chronic pain, and even loss of limbs), and of course death from out-of-control acidosis.

I don't recommend it.

blindness, amputation, kidney and liver failure, i think.

Uncontrolled diabetes can damage your kidneys, cause hypertension, hyperlipidemia, blindness, peripheral nerve damage and can cause death.

Perla M
Diabetes means high blood sugar, and if that is high many other things get affected by this high level. First all your organs like heart, kidneys, liver, eyes, and more. The reason they get affected is because high blood sugar does not allow th eblood to "feed" these organs properly and they become damaged. So you can get heart or/and kindney failure, liver disfunction and retina (eye) problems that can cause blindness.

If these are not enough, than think of all the bactiria like stafillococcus that live in your body and can also "feed" from this high blood sugar and cause a growth in thei rnumbers that will create an imbalance in your whole system.

Diabetes is bad because it affects the blood and once that is damaged it causes damage to everything else it touches inside your body which is EVERYTHING!

Jessica McMahon
well if diabetes is not taken care you can lose limbs, you can die, you can have kidney faliure etc etc etc

Foghorn Leghorn
Too numerous to mention here. Just type in "high blood sugar risk" into the Google search window and marvel at the thousands of hits you get.

Chronic Illnesses? Lots.

Moral of the story, take care of it or die a slow, painful, miserable death.

Dr. Patrick V. Suglia
If you are talking about type 1 diabetes and you don't take care of yourself, you probably won't live long enough to worry about other health concerns.

my aunts mom died within 3 years of having type 2 and not getting it treated

Pat C
I have been a T1DM for over 40 years I am blind, I have END Stage Renal Failure and on dialysis for the last 2 years, I have had 4 major heart attacks and have many stents in my heart NOW my stomach quit working so I throw up EVERYTHING! and loseing to much weight.
But I am still kicking...... Im not afraid to die Im really afraid to continue living! And what next!
OH and the kicker...... I took good care of my self daily insulin shots. even when on the pump for 5 years! diet and whole the nine yards and still I got it all! Well not all... I still have all my fingers and toes!
Good Luck and take care of yourself

Sherry D
There are SOOOO many health risks if diabetes is not taken care of..The main risk I would worry about if I were you is DEATH!
Really this is nothing to mess with...Check your blood sugars and take your insulin or meds whichever...watch your diet.... Just do it.

Bay Point
Here's the simple truth, a non-compliant diabetic that is in denial and will not take the necessary steps to care for themselves is committing a very nasty form of suicide.

abc x
yes certainly...
the moment u have diagnosed with diabetes u should strictly follow the medications to control it and keep the blood sugar levels below 126mg/dl (random sugar)and fasting below 90mg/dl... so 1st to control diet which should be without sweet things...
and diabetes effects each and every part of a human body...
starts with coronaries(heart), cerebral blood vessels(brain),
retina(eye),peripheral blood vessels(peripheral arterial diseases(effects lower limbs),there is called diabetic neuropathy when u started to lose sensation of touch or pain in ur lower limbs... and diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy(kidneys)...
so my dear Friend diabetes is like a slow poison which kill our body very sweetly....

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