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Dannis F
Are tangerines OK for diabetes?

Gordon P
One tangerine in fine. Their is enough fiber that one will not raise you insulin.

Tangerines are very high in naturally occuring sugars, so if you are diabetic they should definitely be eaten in moderation. If your sugar levels are fairly well regulated, you could have half a tangerine and see how that effects your sugar levels. If your sugar levels are not well regulated (perhaps even with pills/injections), then no, you should not eat fruits high in sugar.

Yes, even though it has carbs, you still need some carbs. Just be sure to cut back on bread or pasta when you have one. Also, by staggering the time of day you have a snack like this, it can help you keep your glucose level in a modewrate range.

In proper amounts yes but remember it will raise your blood sugar too.

Tangerines are like oranges, they have loads of sugar in them. anything that is soft and sweet should be eaten with extreme care. They always raise glucose levels. The fiber is good but the sugar will still raise glucose levels.

I am diabetic and my Dr says fruits should be aten as part of a meal or at least with something with protein. It has so much natural sugar that it will raise your blood sugar. Try eating half and then see how you feel, check your sugar.

type 1 or type 2? Type 1 can eat anything as long as you cover it with insulin, idk about type 2.

Yes, ONE tangerine should be fine. It has fiber which plays a role in how food is processed in the digestive tract. FRUCTOSE(fruit sugar) has a much lower glycemic Index than sucrose(table sugar) Therefore it doesn't create that SPIKE in blood sugar you want to avoid.

Vincent Reagan

my doctor told me that tangerines are fine for me to eat as long as I eat it with one of my meals.

People who have diabetes can eat every food on this planet.
If someone told you different, they don't have a clue.
Learn to count carbs and enjoy a moderate amount of fruit.2-3 1/2 cup servings.
Now if you are a very large person, you can eat more and a small child should eat less.

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