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 Is Diabetes a heredity problem?
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I ...

 What should I do?
What should I do?
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 Can anyone suggest a glucometer that you don't have to test on your fingers?
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 When your blood sugar is 214 is that dangerous?
Sugar hasn't been below 133 for a little while.
Additional Details
I have completely started eating what I should and exercising. My sugr at 10pm was 118.
Thanks everyone for ...

 I just had a very large meal and wasn't feeling well, my blood sugar is at 76. Is this bad?
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 What can i do?
My older sister has diabetes. the doctors dont think she will make it to 21. she is 17 right now. and i try to cherish any time i have with her. and i dont know how to help her. she doesnt check her ...

 Does my 6 year old son have diabetes?
My sons breath smells and I have noticed his clothes are a little loser. He has always just drank water some days more than others he is eating heaps of food especialy dinner. He seems to be getting ...

Dre D
Are diabetics allowed to eat 100% whole wheat bread?

Mr. Peachy®
Yes, absolutely. If you are a diabetic and not sure what to eat, you could benefit from the book I bought called "The Diabetes Improvement Program"... learn more about it here:

Eat anything and count the calories

yes, if you were to eat bread then 100 % whole wheat is perfered.

100% whole wheat bread is much better than white bread for anyone especially diabetics.

People with diabetes can eat whatever we want.
Just count those carbs as always.
If you are not doing that, you need to learn.

Good luck.

you can have brown bread....

Yes. High fiber. The more fiber you eat, the lower your blood glucose will be.
For example, if you were to eather choose eating some grapes or drinking grace juice...you would choose the grapes because the grape skin (fiber) pulls some of the sugar out of your system which helps keep your BG's from spiking, like the grape juice would make it do.

yes,,,it doesnt change your numbers

Diabetics can eat almost anything in moderation. Whole wheat bread is better for diabetics than white bread.

♥ terry g ♥
Yes. Actually, diabetics are allowed to eat most anything, but they must do so in moderation. I prefer 100% whole wheat bread because it breaks down into sugar more slowly than white bread, thus having less of an effect on my blood sugar levels. Also, the fiber is good for you.

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