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john e
Ants come to my urine. Does that mean my blood sugar could be high?

elbow dander
yes, and you have AIDS

sounds like you need to gets some ant killer and not to be such a tramp

LOL! you have way too much time on your hands.

However, this used to be one way of diagnosing diabetes. The other way was to taste it and see if it was sweet. YUCK.

So the answer is yes, your blood sugar could be high.

Aren't you glad we have lab tests now?

PS. learn to aim better!

no,you can detect high bloodsugar thru urine.

Eliott W
No, your urine has leftovers your body need. The ants are attracted to the leftover minerals, the ammonia, and the salts.

Well golly Jethro, If y'all would clean the outhouse once in a while ya wouldn't have that problem.

Guess I can save a whole lot of money on test strips and blood sugar monitors. I can guess my blood sugar numbers by counting the number of ants that come to watch me piss.

Heart's in the 808
Could be...Have you been checked for Diabetes? One other thing how do you know this,that they come to your urine? Just Curious

sleepy but can't sleep
yeah it means call a ant exterminator

I've heard the saying...You can attract more bees with honey..But I've never heard you can attract more ants with piss

But Inside I'm Screaming
Maybe you pee honey......and ants are better than flies.

Why are you peeing on ant hills? ;)

john h
w/or w/out drinking alcohol.

yes that is usually what it means.this is a reasonable questions so ignore the rude comments they are making they have not taken a health care class so just ignore their comments the best thing you can do is talk to your doctor about solutions to this problem so you don't end up with diabetes

good luck
Good Health is always # 1

Yes, but the ant test is pretty nonspecific. Ants to urine was one of the things the doctors in ancient Greece commented on in those with diabetes.

If you sugar is elevated in your urine you can go down to the drug store and by urine test strips (around 22 bucks, still cheaper than the doctor) that will tell you if glucose is elevated in your urine.


Hyperglycemia symptoms:
Increased thirst
Increased urination
Blurry vision

Reading for you:

WHY are you peeing where there are ants? If you have ants, you are peeing somewhere other than the toilet. Ants eat anything.

Britt's Mom 03
sounds to me like you have a problem with ants

Kernel Mustard
I think it means you have WAY too much time on your hands.

in the toilet bowl?

u cant aim right on the toilet or what?

Do you have ants in your toilet or do you piss on the floor/ground?

health buff
It means you missed the toilet. Improve your aim and the ants will go away.

they're piss ants. pee in one spot. then eat a donut and pee in another. see which spot attracts the most ants.

Mozz, incognito
Don't listen to them. It must've been hard to post this question, given the invitation to remarks like that. Yes, sugar in urine or blood will be detected. And by things far worse than ants... bacteria! Are you diabetic? Check your ketones. If you're not diabetic you wont know what that means. They're urine test strips available at drug stores (non-prescription). If you get a reading other than negative call your doctor. If you're newly diabetic they'll be through the roof... get to an ER!

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