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Jonas Fan! That loves Kevin!!
Age of Diabetes Diagnosis?
At what age is it normal to be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? is it unusual to be diagnosed in your 20's?

Gary B
There is no normal age, but 20 is a little bit late. Usually, the effects of having Type 1 diabetes show up long before this.

Type 1 Diabetes is USUALLY diagnosed before the age of 15.

Most type 1 people are diagnosed as babies. But any age can be diagnosed with it.

Doctors look at people with white hair and immediately say type 2, but it isn't always so. There is a test they can do to check which type a person has. This is the C-Peptide test and it will say which a person has type 1, 1.5, or 2. but you must not be on insulin injections or it won't be a good testing, It will say you have sufficient insulin in system so are a type 2

Type 1.5 is those few rare individuals who are afflicted with both type 1 and type 2 at the same time.

I think that's called a LODA diabetic... Late Onset Diabetes... something.

They say that's the best one to have....

loopy loo
type 1 is usually diagnosed from birth to teenager, type 2 is on the increase in overweight people, so if that is the case, then lose weight and it could go altogether

Nothing is normal but noting is abnormal as well. as it is not a disease it is y=just a diabetic comndition

Kelly L
I was diagnosed when i was 12. I have friends that have had it since birth. And i know someone who got it when she was about 35 so no there is no normal.

there is no normal age my daughter was 5.

i got diagnosised at age 10
some people are born with it
it comes at any given time.

Yes it is normal. I had a friend who got type 1 diabetes at age 25.

Cricket R
i know a guy who was 22 when he was dx'd, i was 6, and my buddy just got dx'd at 23.

juvenile diabetes isnt just for kids anymore, silly rabbit!

i was diagnosed @28, as a type 1. i'm 5'2 and i dropped all the way down to 80 lbs. sometimes a sickness can make it come out. now that i'm on insulin i have got back to my normal weight 110lbs. my pancreas just shut down.kids get sick alot more, that is why children are more commonly diagnosed with it but it does happen. best of luck

Word Nerd
It is not typical but not unheard of.
A friend's wife was diagnosed with type 1 in her 20s.

Kipper to the CUP!
I was diagnosed at 17 with type 1 but I have a friend who was recently diagnosed at 24, and another friend whose had it since he was 9.. that's why it's known as type 1 more then juvenile as it's becoming more common in older age groups.

Type 1 diabetes is normally diagnosed in younger children (which is why some call it juvenile diabetes), but more and more older teens have been diagnosed as of late. It is uncommon, but possible, to be diagnosed in your early 20s.

It can happen from birth all the way up to early 30's...but most I've heard have been diagnosed between about 8 and 14. I was 16. It's less common to get it in your 20's, but certainly you have plenty of company. The advantage is that you're more mature and are better able to absorb all the complicated information, plus you have a head start in age, so any complications would be further off.

And Sue, most Type 1's are not diagnosed at birth, far from it.

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