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Talk Dirty to Me =P
About how long do diabetics live after being diagnosed?
im not diabetic but im just curious

diabetes is a disease you can live with for the rest of your life. It does however require life changes, you have to dramatically change your diet and make sure you monitor your blood sugar levels. If you don't take care of yourself you will get sick. My father died of kidney failure as a result of diabetes, he didn't follow his diet the way he should have and insisted on eating those sugary, fatty foods he grew up with. Also, anyone can develop diabetes, its not something you have to be born with, those who are overweight and don't eat healthy are at a greater risk of developing diabetes.

Diabetics can live fairly normal and healthy lives as long as they take care of their diabetes. It's not a death sentence as long it's properly addressed and cared for. And the severity of the problem depends on of it's type I or type II (type I is the kind you're "born" with, type II is developed usually in adulthood as a result of poor diet, etc.).

which type? one or two?
type two-
It depends on how well the take care of themselves.
it's very important to watch their diet and exercise. they must also check their feet everyday to look for cuts bc they do not have very good circulation and wounds on the legs and feet do not heal well.
if the diabetic takes care of themselves they can live a long time.

if they look after themselves and have good hba1c's - the same as a person without diabetes. If they don't take good care of themselves well, there are a lot of things that could happen.....they could go so low that they go into a coma, fit and die or they could go that high that they get ketoacidosis which is very dangerous and possibly lifethreatening. Also, the higher your readings are the more damage to your body, risks of damage to all the major organs of your body plus eyesight, nerve damage, possible amputation of extremeties

Just as long as others as long as they respect the fact they have a problem and look after themselves.

Depends. I'm almost 34 and was diagnosed when I was 10. No major complications yet, either.

It's up to you . Are you willing to make healthy choices?

I have had diagnosis of diabetes for 10 years now and intend to live long enough to see my great grandchildren grow up!! My oldest granddaughter is 18 this year and is nursing student! No boyfriend! So it will be a while before I even have great grands!!

It is very important to maintain as near normal glucose levels as possible for long life with no complications from other diseases!

they don't have a limited time left after being diagnosed. they can become as old as healthy people

It depends. Usually if you take care of yourself and live a "healthy" lifestyle you can live a normal life. I know what's normal.. <LMAO>

Christine H
Diabetics can go on to live a long and full life. The important part is their management of the disease. Diabetics need to make some significant changes to their diet and lifestyle. If they are committed to making these changes, then they can be healthy enough to live life fully.

Deleted one
Most live just as long as an Average person, the ones that do not do not take their meds or do something else wrong to die early

They can lead a normal life pretty much. Diabetes can be control mostly thru diet, exercise and medication. The only bad thing is they are more likely to get infections that need to be look at so they don't get gangrene or have to have anything amputated do to poor circulation.

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