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10 year old boy may get an insulin pump?
My 10 year old son has well-managed type 1 diabetes, and the doctor has suggested he may benefit from a pump. Has anyone had any experience with a pump on a child of this age? All comments welcome.

I got the insulin pump when i was 11. Its so much easier then shots. Today im getting the OmniPod and i can't wait. The OmniPod is a small device with no wires, and you get a small "remote" controller to give insulin and stuff. I would really suggest the pump!! Its amazing....I got diabetes three years ago....ON my tenth birthday!!!!! what a present that was!!.....lol

Katrina H
my daughter Aly is 4 yrs old and on the insulin pump. She has been on the pump since 12/2007. I absolutely love it and she likes it as well. I absolutely agree with his going on the pump!!

Can I suggest you visit this site: http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk/jackiejacombs/

It;s by the mum of a child using an insulin pump and she runs a very well regarded email support network for parents with children using pumps or who may get them. I'm sure they'd be really happy to offer first-hand experience of the pros and cons.

I get the impression most view the pump as a very positive step.

i am 14. my doctor suggested an insulin pump for me when I was 12. If your son plays alot of sport, an insulin pump is a bit of a pain. he would have to take it off if he does swimming. Personally, I wouldn't get one. If he has well managed diabetes then i don't think he should be forced into having one, if he can manage with his syringes or insulin pen, then he should be fine without a pump. In the end, he would be the one wearing it, so let him have input in the final decision.

Kate M
yes I agree I hate the idea of a pump something always attached to me . I do very well on mdis . of course I have had diabetes for awhile . but dont like the pump at all and the cost is quite high and if you have insurance they could always turn you down . good luck .

Katie K
It mite be easier if u got him an OmniPod

Pumps make life with diabetes much easier, but they are a major undertaking. You need to have an extensive understanding of diabetes to be able to operate one. If you put a child his age on a pump, you are actually going on the pump, because he is not going to be able to comprehend everything he needs to know to make it work. Although he will be able to make it run, I doubt that he will be able to figure out what to do when something malfunctions. It also ties you to him. Teachers and school nurses (alot of which aren't nurses, but health techs, which means they have no medical training) are not knowledgable in a pump's functioning, so he could run into trouble really fast. I know that the mother of the 4 year old girl said her daughter loves it, but a child that age has no concept of what it even is. What she should have said is that she (mom) loves it. I have been on a pump for 26 years, and credit it to saving my life. I am a big fan of pumps, but only when the diabetic can handle the pump on their own. I just don't see a ten year old being able to do that. If he is well controlled on shots, I'd continue with the shots until he needs something more.

My daughter has had the pump since about that age and loves it. She is 18 now .
It is a difficult undertaking but after everyone gets a handle on it, the pump is the best way to go for many people.
Good luck

It can mean the end to a lot of problems and reduce the amount of injections. However, it can present a whole new batch of problems itself.

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