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 Coughing problem?
I have been having this problem for quite some time now, maybe a few years. It hasnt really been anything severe, and i dont get coughing fits or spells at all, it has just come to be a nuisance.

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 What causes ASTHMA, If NOT SMOKER?
What causes the thick phelgm? With ASTHMA?
Additional Details
We used live in THE OHIO VALLEY---TRI-STATE Area, which INCUDED --OH, PA,...

 I am a smoker for may years.I spit up a little blood in a tissue a couple of times. Is this serious?

 Can I get Bronchitis again after having it once?

 Can you pull a muscle in your ribcage? Does this sound like a pulled muscle, rib fracture, or scarring?
I was sick with a headcold for two weeks that moved down to my chest. While getting over a severe, hacking cough, I woke up one morning with a painful area that hurts when I press on a certain rib ...

 Did you quit smoking?
I did 11 days ago and why do I feel sick. I'm coughing more, I have a cold that won't go away, is this from quiting? Are you supposed to get sick when you quit smoking. If so, how long ...

 Can asmtha med cause behavioural problems?
My 5 year old daughter has asmtha and since going onto seritide her behaviour as changed considerably for the worse. She is so angry. She is giving love and attention all the time. Can anyone help??...

 Have you ever experienced an anxiety attack?
Where you hiperventilate and can't catch tyour breath?...

 Can smoking marijuna give you a sinus problem?

 Will an astmatic inhaler work if its expired?
Ive got to inhalers that I use during winter because my chest closes up and now that its winter I was wondering if my inhalers will work. My bricanyl inhaler is valid till november but my other ...

 How long until my cold goes away?
How long will my head cold to go away in? I've had it for 8 days now and still feel sick. Runny nose, cough, and just plain tired. I do not have a fever or body ache so i know it's not the ...

 Is asthma just something emotional people get?

 I have quit smoking, but now Im coughing?
I know its a good sign, as my lungs are clearing the crap that was in there. But...

Im not acutally coughing anything up?
How long will this coughing last?...

 My 12 yr. old shih tzu has labored breathing caused by fluid on her lungs. I have her on lasix twice daily.
My vet does not know what causes this. Does anyone else have an idea why she gets fluid on her lungs?...

I was diagnosed with 'a bit of bronchitis' 3 weeks ago, while abroad, I completed 10 day course of augmentin (in case of secondary infection). But still don't feel right, I haven'...

 Y partner stops breathing during the night for over a minute sometimes,is this serious?

 I cant sleep,iv got a reall bad chest infection and sinusitus?
iv been to drs and got amoxicilin but im stuffed up and in pain so iv come on here for a moan! how can you sleep when you can breath. the time is now 1.48 am aaarrrrrhggggghhhhhh!!!!...

 I have a chest cold and CAN'T STOP COUGHING. What to do?
I am on an antibiotic, but my chest hurts & can't stop coughing & nothing comes up. I feel like crap & tomorrow is Thanksgiving. What can I take? and to help me sleep??...

 I have coughing hard, anyone know what i should drink to make me better??

What can I do about my snoring?
According to my husband, I snore very loud when I'm sleeping and usually, it's hard for him to fall sleep with all the noise. What can I do about it?

snoring happens when you're too tired. so i guess thats why you're snoring. so if you do something about this stress you're going through maybe you're snoring wouldnt be loud enough.

i heard also that there can also be a problem with your nose. maybe you can ask your doctor about it. :) i am not really sure about this. :) hope this could help! :D

All Natural Honey
Snore Strips

nasal strips!

hey girl...............Tell um to sleep on the couch if he dont like it! :) here is not much you can do unless you talk to a Doc about it

Snore strips do not work I have tryed um

I am no doctor but I have found in my experience that a lot of women snore when they are really, really tired try making a nice relaxing environment before you go to bed. Try some nice scents lavender works wonders, change the bedroom up a bit, flip the mattress, try sleeping at the opposite end of the bed, or just try to get more "good" quality sleep. Hope this helps

Grand pa
Do you feel tired during the day?? Ask if he thinks your breathing ok? Are you over weight? Ask your doctor about sleep apnea I snor and stop breathing several times every time i sleep You may need to use a cpap machine to keep air goining into you .. THis is serious Can be fatal > ihad to retire early and stop driving fell asleep at traffic lites,,You may need an oximeter, test and an over nite sleep study . Call your doctor soon webmd has good info.

use those strip things they have at Target.U put them on your nose before U go to bed then TADAW! Your Sleeping Bueaty!

What can you do about the snoring or your husband not liking the snoring.
Ear plugs for him
Sleep with head a little higher. and try the dry mouth gargles and saline nose spray.
I used to snore so badly I would wake myself up- only to find my cat had stuck his paw in my mouth trying to shut me up.

Sarah L
Buy yourself a few extra pillows and prop yourself up in bed, rather than lying flat on your back. You'll prevent the tissues in your throat from falling into your air passages.

Raise the head of your bed. An easy way to do it is to place several flat boards under the legs at the top end of the bed.

A couple of old phone books under each leg should also raise the bed enough to do the trick.

Sleep on your side. Of course, there's no guarantee you'll stay in that position, but at least start on your side with your arms wrapped around a pillow. There's a good reason you don't want to sleep on your back: in that position, you're tongue and soft palate rest against the back of your throat, blocking the airway.

Try taking a decongestant or antihistamine if nasal congestion is causing your snoring. Use these only as a temporary measure if you suspect that a cold or allergy is to blame. Prolonged use of either can be harmful.

Tape your nose open with nasal strips, available at most pharmacies . They may look odd, but who's looking? Following the directions on the package, tape one of the strips to the outside of your nose before you fall asleep. They work by lifting and opening your nostrils to increase airflow.

Gargle with a peppermint mouthwash to shrink the lining of your nose and throat. This is especially effective if your snoring is a temporary condition caused by a head cold or and allergy. To mix up the herbal gargle...
Add 1 drop of peppermint oil to a glass of cold water. (Only gargle - do not swallow).

Change your sheets and pillowcases often to relieve nasal stuffiness, alleviate bedroom allergens. Try to vacuum your floors and curtains often too.

Try drinking nettle tea. Herbalists recommend it for soothing the inflammation caused by pollen allergies. To make the tea:

Pour a cup of boiling water over 1 tablespoon of dried leaf.
Cover the tea and let it steep for 5 minutes.
Strain and drink.
Drink up to 3 cups a day, 1 cup just before your bedtime.

If hugging a pillow doesn't help, you can tackle the problem with using a tennis ball. Sew a little pouch on the back of a top and tuck a tennis ball inside. At night, if you start to roll onto your back while you're asleep, you'll get a nudge from the ball, prompting you to get back on your side.

Lose Weight! Weight loss can reduce your snoring by easing any constriction of the upper airway.

Quit Smoking. Tobacco smoke irritates mucous membranes, so your throat swells, narrowing the airway.
Smokers also have more problems with nasal congestion.

If you regularly take any kind of medication, talk to your doctor about alternatives. Some drugs can make snoring worse, including sleeping pills and sedatives.

There is surgery available now if your snoring problem is a function of sleep apnea.

laura f
i'm impressed that you want to fix it, most people would just roll over and say deal with it.

Dan G
Everything you want to know about snoring and its cures!!!



Ps just tell him he is as bad...hee hee!!

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