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It's Me
Is it possible to worry yourself to death?
I worry about so much - I even worry about things that haven't happened yet and probably won't even happen.

Is it possible to worry yourself to death? Because that's what I'm probably going to end up doing.

Just A Girl
ugh this is why u dont ask random strangers important questions like this
no u cannot worry yourself to death
yes u can stress yourself out, yes stress can cause a myriad of probs but the worry wont kill you
ask anyone with OCD and anxiety disorders, life is harder, their immunity is at risk but it is not life threatening, and abby above, worrying does not cause you to go crazy, ugh, stupidness
its hard to live like that, i know, but nothing bad will come of it besides a decrease in quality of life and stress
cognitive behavioral therapy does help alot of people, try getting a book at home

worry can make illnesses much worse than they actually are.

what kind of things do you worry abt?

Canuckz C

yes, it really is, not good.

It's not healthy to worry so much al the time. You should get this sorted - you'd be a lot happier. Why don't you go see your GP to start the ball rolling :o)

Steel And Bone
Worrying = Stress
Stress can cause cancer. In fact, I saw a few reports stating that stress was among the top 3 causes for cancer.

It is possible to worry yourself into sickness. Stress decreases the immune systems ability to fend off bacteria and viruses and other nasties.
Long term stress can increase the risks of heart disease.
Extreme accute stress can cause an increase risk in risk-taking behaviour that can cause death.

I don;t know if you could actually worry yourself to death but you can make yourself ill with it.
If it is that bad I would suggest going to your Doc for some help- you really need to chill a little!!

Florence P
Worry causes stress and stress can kill....
Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday......was it worth it?

Say what!!!!
I had the exact question on my mind today. Worrying doesn't change anything, so best not to worry at all.

Yes. Aside from other things that can happen to you from worrying. I worry and stress so much because of all the bad things that have happened to me this year that I got covered in hives for a month, get chronic fevers, i'm developing an ulcer, and i get panic attacks. So either way, it's really bad for your body to worry or stress, and yes, it can even kill you.

mossy w
Not to death, but worrying does lead to higher stress levels and if these gets really out of hand they can lead to depression or even suicide. I highly doubt that this will happen to you though, please stop worrying about worrying!

Day time of the Night time
I'm not sure you can worry yourself to death but you can worry so much you make yourself ill.
Maybe you have to much time to think about things.

Sarah M
Worry is the same as stress, and too much stress is bad for the mind and the heart.
Symptoms can be anxiety attacks (can be very severe), depression, and even heart attacks.

Therapists can help and are well worth it, they can really transform your life. The feeling of having the ability to stop worrying anymore is amazing, like a huge weight being lifted :)

Good luck!

im the same way
i make myself sick and im very nervous
if i were you i would pray alot trust God
try not to worry about things that havent happened yet
get some nerve pills from your doctor
if you worry and cause heart rate up.or blood preasure
then yes you might get ill

i wouldny worry about it mate

Yes it is possible to worry yourself to death
because if you do that you can go crazy and have a
heart attack and stop breathing because that is what
happened to my grandmother.

yeah, my grandpa did.
He worried so much he had a heart attack and drove himself to the hospital. He died in the parking lot.
So relax, live a little

Go talk to a doctor.Its not a good sign.Could also be your enviorment.. When you start to worry..start doing something to get your mind off it.If this does not help.See a doc.You will feel much better talking with someone and explaining whats going on..

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