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I noticed that my belly button had a bad smell. Now it is crusting..What is wrong?
My belly button had a smell, not bad enough to notice on my own, but if I put my finger inside, my finger would smell. I poured a little bit of rubbing alcohol into it, and layed down. I left it there for maybe 30 seconds, then I cleaned it. The next day, and the following days, it has been crusty. Any ideas why? There is no pain coming from it at all.
Additional Details
I clean it everyday.

ewwwww wtf

Yeast infection. This is common. To prevent it in the future, make sure to gently get some soap into it every day in the shower. I had this problem in my teen years until I found out what caused it. Careful washing and drying will put an end to it.

belly buttons do smell if you dont wash them. and probably crushy cuz of the alcohol. just wash it in the shower, and you shouln't have any problems

P.S. why did you stick your finger in there.... and then smell it? lol

Reason for it is sweat accumulating there! with sweat you get secretions which means you get dirt, dead skin (cells), and other toxins depending on what you eat or drink! what you need to do to make the crust go away is get some hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) and pour a couple drops on it before you take a shower, leave it for 10 minutes so the crust will soften and anything infected (bacteria) dies then take a shower with a small bath towel to scrub all your body, makes it easier to clean the skin!!! what I do I use the green pads for dish washing since it's harder and works better than any scrub body wash!! Now keep yourself clean people will love it!!!

Creatine Monohydrate 3-5gr daily
get some hydrogen peroxide, lay down on your back, fill your belly button with the peroxide, let it bubble for a few minutes until the bubbling nearly stops, use a paper towel or something to dry it out with, repeat the next day,.. you have either an infection or fungus. they peroxide will usually fix you right up! if that doesn't work, see your doctor!

You sprang a leak.

Put a band-aid over the top of it so that nothing else leaks out.

It happens all the time to me. Its from playing with it too much.

My mother used to say: If you don't stop playing with your navel all your guts and everything are gonna come out and your gonna be flat as a pancake with just your eyeballs sticking out. But I think she was just trying to scare me...

Uhhh... simple...soap and water...don't feel bad that happened to me before too. I think I was 3 though!

Rachel J
its healing.

Wash yer belly button with soap and water and leave it alone. Make sure 1st with a clean finger that there isn't a little crusty thing lodged on there. Belly buttons have nooks and crannies.

XD sorry, it made me laugh.
I would recomend using some antibacterial and if it gets worse, go to a doctor.
"doctor doctor, my crusty bellybutton smells bad"

David J
You just need to clean it daily, do it when you have your shower.
No alcohol is needed, just soap, water and a Q-Tip.

Jordin Sparks
eeewww... just clean it in the shower every day... you prolly irritated it with the alcohol..... leave it alone for a few days!!

Jason G
Deep, dark, damp spaces will start to smell if they aren't cleaned properly. Wash it regularly and make sure it is dried thoroughly. That way it won't smell.

Even if you clean it in the shower and dry it afterwards, water can get stuck in your belly button. Dip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol and swab your belly button, do this atleast once a week. The rubbing alcohol will dry out any water in there!

I thought belly buttons just smelled cause they smelled!
Honestly, my belly button has a wierd smell, but not crusting. I just clean it out daily with a cue-tip.

Nothing. Comes from heat, lint and your skin oils.

Your belly button sweats, clean it in the shower, it will stink at the end of the day , but no nead for alcohol. the crusting was probably caused by the alcohol. your ok

it needs washed every once in a while.

Jeez, just clean it in the shower.

belly buttons are always dirty. its because you didn't clean it in the shower or something. Its a common thing, just dont keep picking your belly button, or it gets red and itchy.

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