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brittany star
I have a healing deep cut, what can i do?
about 2 weeks ago i cut my calf on my stupid computer chair. anyways it was really deep and nasty. well part of it has healed and about 2 inches of it looks like its gonna leave a nice big fat ugly scar. what can i do to make it not scar/less noticable? i have been putting neosporin on it everyday but i doesnt seem to be doing anything. ahhh its ugly! HELP!

i would say biooil...ive heard its the best thing.

â–ºCoconut Butterâ—„
keep it very moist.
I suggest petroleum jelly and keep a bandage on it until it is completely healed.

Ask your dr. not us.

delreena r
bio oil

i have a big scar from when i was three. the longer you have it the less noticeable it gets.

try appling preasure with neosporin

always b natural
You can buy a lotion at the drug store that helps fade scars. I am sure you will have to wait until it is totally healed. Just ask your pharmacist for some help

kaitlin.< 3
Put cocoa butter on it.

Mrs. CT
Sounds like you needed stitches. If it is still open and hasn't scabbed too bad. (most likely it has, 2 week old cut and all) I would make an app. with your Dr. or go to a walk in clinic and have them stitch it, if they can or get a professional's opinion on it. I would invest the dough even if I thought I couldn't swing a Dr.'s bill, If you truly can't swing the dough...keep it clean, cover it when wearing clothes and showering, uncover it as often as possible when you are at home to let it "breathe" helps with healing process. Keep antibiotic ointment on it. When it has completely healed use a scar reducing cream to reduce the appearance of the scar. Mederma works well. You can go to www.mederma.com and download a coupon for it. DO NOT PICK AT IT, picking will only make it worse. If it gets infected or does not seem to be healing you better get your butt to a Dr. and fast....no matter what your financial situation.

I have seen special creams and lotions as well as special bandaids that claim to reduce scarring. I can't say that they work because I have never used them. You are doing the right thing by keeping your wound clean and dry. GL

Subway Super Bowl 2009
Disgusting.. Have fun!

Ok first of all you CAN NOT go and get stitches at this point whoever said that has no idea about the medical world apparently lol. You can't get stitches past about 8 hours after incident has happened. Your skin has already started it's healing process and will not bond to each other any longer. You only have that 8 hour gap. As for scars you will surely have one if it was meant to have stitches. There are plenty of creams though that lighten scars, but if you go tanning it will be noticeable. Neosporin is great for the infection but now being it is almost 2 weeks I would lay off putting that on there. Unless it is still open. But if you keep a cut of any kind wet all the time it won't heal. Sorry to say hon you will most likely have a scar but the good thing is they do have things to shrink it or less noticeable. Good Luck to you!

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