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I dont like to be touched,?
i dont like being touched by other people.
i dont like it if someone taps my arm, or knocks into me.
i get really frustrated and start shaking if someone shakes my hand,
and my mum cries because i refuse to hug her, or stiffen when i do. my last boyfriend got very aggrivated with me, because when we were kissing i used to shake slightly, and want to pull away.

little things agrivate me. i hate it when people tidy up the space around me, i hate it when people move too much. i hate it when people do something, like tapping, and it just gets at my head and drives me mental until i scream "WOULD YOU STOP".
and i cant seem to control it.
i have ocd, but i dont know if that has anything to do with being touched?
Additional Details
got diagnosed for ocd when i was about 12.
been taking medication ever since.
i already have a psychiatrist.
and yes, i have anxiety disorder.

Um wierd?

I can understand why people, especially your boyfriend, would be frustrated with you. I must say I HATE my feet being touched though.

Wow. . . you just hate people. You should get some counseling. I went through a period where I didn't like to hug or kiss anyone, but I've changed. To date, I don't like anyone putting their hand in my face like pointing, etc.

Beautiful Memoriesツ
see a doctor.

wow,some problem,maybe you should consider hypnotherapy,otherwise your life is going to be a mess,and very lonely

switch to decaf

ok........you REALLY should get that checked out.

ocd is virtually uncurable you have to try and change yourself try touching someone/something that you like and elaborate on that and tell people that youl clear up the mess and ignore people moving around you.

Good luck

I think you have a problem. Go see a doctor. Good Luck. Hope you are better soon.

ucould just be body concious

Manga&Anime Lover
Well I am not sure but I hate being touched as well so I can understand that

you seem very paranoid...i dont know what the question is but all i know is to just tolerate more things. I hated younger kids cuz they annoyed me, but i just tried to tolerate them and i am doing pretty well. My friend doesnt like to be touched alot either, but you eventually get use to it. I dont like it when people touch me when they have to talk to me, it annoys the crap outta me too. Just try to calm down when someone tries to hug you or something. And you should hug your mom she gave birth to u! and i think everyone gets annoyed when someone is tapping, thats just really annoying to everybody.

hope i helped

no name
im exactly the same

Sometimes people have to accept these things as who they are, or you could try to stop it.

White lighting
Ouch. That must be horrible to have to live with. I believe I'd try to get to a proffessional right away. Good luck.

i was the same in a sense...but i think that was becouse i was malosted(i dont know how to spell...my bad...but kinda like rap...)when i was a small child...i only like to hugg VERY close friends and my parents...but thats after jesus took my life and has helped me with the whole thing and so yeah email me if u want at lucky_turtle56@yahoo :)

I use to be like that in high school and had really bad anger issues. Over the years I changed my attitude about life and generally started caring more about others than myself. Just try to think about things that you enjoy and can handle and take it from there, maybe it will help ease your situation. Keep your mind off of your ocd by involving yourself in projects and activities that you love to do. I still don't like to be touched that much, just tell people you need some space.

yeah before i read that you have ocd, i was gonna say you have OCD.
thats just another aspect to the ocd thing.
go see a therapist or something. idk

i dont like sittin right next to people and their arm is touching mine either. or when im in a car and i have somebody sitting next to me i have to move right away from them and have my own space and a gap between us - nothing against them its just the way i am when im reall close to somebody else like that.

i also have the thing with the tappin but with a creeking door pritty bad, i have to get up and shut it otherwise i'll go insane about it keep creeking..

pritty annoying huh.

Foxy <3
you really need to go to a psychologist because you are going to miss out on many friends/boyfriends because of these small problems

btw....never play any contact sports

If you have really been diagnosed with OCD, you should go back to the person who diagnosed you and ask to be evaluated for anxiety issues too. It is very common for them to overlap. Prozac has really helped the people in my family to a little less likely to freak out by tactile stuff, like fabric textures, and touching. It is possible a little bit of medication or a change in your ocd meds could help you a lot.

And seriously, it may also be related to any kind of trauma that you may have suffered, like being molested as a young kid or something like that. If that is the case, talk therapy may also be very helpful.
But it could just be sensory overload and Prozac like meds really help with that.

Go to a psychiatrist to get tested they can diagnose you better than Yahoo answers. You sound like you have Asbergers Syndrome ( a form of autism) But really you need to see a psychiatrist so they can properly diagnose you.

Sha T
Please don't take this the wrong way, but are you bipolar?
You should go and seek professional help, because although there is nothing wrong with you wanting others to respect your personal space. It does seem a bit extreme, and most people like to be hugged by there boyfriendsor girlfriends.
I think you should do some research, look into this. Talk to some Doctors, and people who specialize in disorders. Good luck and God bless you!

Me either,and i never could figure out why.
I only REALLY dont like it when it personal touching or
like provacative touching.
The really "friendly" touching,thats really it.

Im good with hugs though,i love hugs :]

your ocd probably causes you to feel this way. you may also feel uncomfortable if you were abused in some way. i don't know if this is the case. try and let people touch you...desensitize yourself. i think with time and therapy this problem will go away. you may need help.

ray m
its ocd

I was like that for many years and it was discovered that I was suffering Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from being molested as a young teenager. I used to shake when making out with my boyfriends too. I have never had OCD or Asperger's; I am diagnosed with Chronic major depression and anxiety. Therapy helped me a lot with the touching, however I still do not like strangers touching me or bumping into me and am hesitant when it comes to hugging anyone other than my husband. I am also still afraid of the dark and am 43 years old.

As far as the being irritated with people tidying up around you, moving too much or tapping, I still feel the same way. I think I am just very sensitive to my surroundings and when people around me do things that irritate me it drives me nuts! When children cry while I'm in a store I want to scream!

There are many things it could be, I agree with some of the above answers like the OCD that you say you have, Asperger's, PSTD or something else.

Are you seeing someone for your OCD? Are you on medications for it? I highly recommend that you speak to a professional regarding this. It very well could be a sign of mental illness and may be improved with therapy and/or medication.

Touching is so important in life and can be very comforting and you are really missing out. If you are able to get treatment for it, I honestly feel that you will be able to tolerate it better. However it does take time. Especially if it is coming from something that happened to you that you have buried deep inside like I did.

I feel for you and know what you are going through. My mom and dad couldn't touch me for years and still are hesitant about it as am I. I have good self esteem, it just seems that the scars are so deep that no matter what I will always have a slight aversion to people touching me.

Do you have a pet at all? I have found that having a dog and/or cat has helped me a lot in getting used to touching.

Please seek help, I'm sure that your life can be improved with the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Many blessings,


ricki c
i too do not like to be touched,i have PTSD and if someone touches me out of the blue it really bothers me.i get easily startled as well,not good living with this,but if you learn why you react to someone touching you,you can work on ways to overcome this,as this might take some time,so please be patient with yourself,okay?

I Believe In Harvey Dent
That could be linked to OCD but it also seems like an anxiety problem similar to claustrophobia. I absolutely think you should talk to a professional- you don't deserve to live your life like this.

The Troll
I don't like to be touched by strangers either now that you mention it. I dislike fidgety people that cannot sit still as well.

I don't like to kiss either.

Máire Siobhán
(1) How do you know you have OCD? Is this something a psychologist or other mental health professional diagnosed, or something you have decided for yourself? OCD is treatable, so if you really have it, you should be getting treatment to get over it. If you are getting ongoing therapy for it (which you should be getting) then you can talk about your other issues in your next visit.

(2) If you haven't been to a psychologist, it would be a good idea. Everyone has their own degree of enjoyment with being touched/not touched, but it sounds like you COULD be dancing along the borders of some kind of autism, esp. with the added issues of hating when people change the space around you. Classic for some kinds of autism.

Don't freak, but why don't you get a professional diagnosis, instead of asking people here to GUESS? This is not the only resource in the world, and there is more incorrect information passed around here than correct info, in my experience. On something sooo important, please talk to a professional!!!!!

People on here without any training or credentials throw around terms like bi-polar, paranoia, PTSD, and other things that require several years of education and then clinical practice to be able to diagnose. On something so important, please GO TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR!!!

I am so much like this, unless it's my husband touching me. I hate people touching me and making crazy noises. Was in the doctor's office yesterday and this woman eating a bag of chips sent me up the wall -- had to ask to be in a different room.

Doctor once told me that there's some body chemistry that makes people overly sensitive in any or all of the 5 senses. I don't think you're alone.

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