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 SCARS..please help me?
i have had both my kidneys removed and i have a scar across my belly button which is pink and raised.
i have had a kidney transplant and have a similar scar across my belly going down left side.<...

 What is the best acne medicines/remedies you've ever used?

 I have sunburn and i wanna treat is fast any help??
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 What are some of the most important things to do when washing your skin?
Ex:washing your hands first, noy drying your skin with a towl, exc.
Additional Details
please help?http://answers.yahoo.com...

 Combating Acne? (Can I win?)?
Hey guys,

I'm in some serious crap here, got a bad case of Acne and I'm trying not to fiddle with my face lol....

Generations of my family from my mothers side used to ...

 14 y/o guy with forming acne?
well..im pretty much going through puberty..but i really dont want acne all over my face... and currently, i can see it forming..
this is what i use
-johnson johnson baby lotion
-clean ...

 Psoriasis Help!!?
I have suffered from psoriasis my whole life. When I was little it started on the back of my leg and worked it way up my thigh. As I got older, It started to spred more. Id get patches on my knees or ...

 Curing SEVERELY chaped lips!!!!?
my lips are SEVERELY chaped and vasaline and chapsticks don't work. i've even resorted to lotion!!! need help!!!!...

 What is it?
I have a dime sized bump or growth on my inner thigh thats gotten bigger over the past week or so. Its gotten harder also. I thought it was an ingrown hair so I messed with it and all it did was ...

 Besides moisturiser, what is the best natural remedy to combat dry and itchy skin?
Is cod liver oil a good combat agianst this, or are there any other natural non-fuss remedies out there? It's that time of year in Australia - Autumn, dry and windy, and my skin is suffering!...

 What is the name of the insect which drink blood live in bed?
bed ...

 Ouch! my sunburn hurts!?
ok, i have a sunburn, and it really hurts. but i cant use the aloe stuff because it always gives me a reaction. so do u know any home remedies? plz help! it hurts really bad!...

 Weird patches are showing up on my skin. What do I do?
I have been drinking Naked juice all day due to having a bad fever and sore throat.

I'm not sure what would be causing these patches. No bugs in my room that I know of.


 Is cleaning face skin by alkohol, 3 times a week, harmful?
Is cleaning face skin by alkohol,skineruptin, 3 times a week,to avoid harmful?
Additional Details
Is cleaning face skin by alkohol, to avoid skineruption,3 times a week, harmful?...

 Does proactive work ?

 How do i get rid of my warts i have on my hands && fingers?
Ok i'm 12 && i have had these warts on my hands && fingers since i was about 5 && i have tryed many things to get rid of some of these warts. I have many many many on my ...

 What could be causing whole family to have itchy head--it's not lice...?
My kids & I have REALLY itchy heads, but I know it's not lice! With 4 kids I've seen that before. We rinse the shampoo out well & the only thing I can think of is that there are a ...

 How do you get the sticky goo off skin left by tape after surgery?

 This thing on my nose?
alright, so as you guys can guess, this isn't the most flattering thing to talk about. but i have this white...bump on the very first part of the insed of my nose. it's not on the outside, ...

 Reasons of dryness of tounge?

How do you make bug bites stop itching?
how do you make bug bites stop itching. some people say it's working if you put salt on it with water. others say benadryl and some says put ice on it. and soem says dont scratch it well its hard to avoid scratching it when its so itchy what a good way? and when i go to sleep its hard to sleep when its itchy what can i do
Additional Details
what else and what can alchohol do too they say to use it

♥ Laurraaa
lidocaine, benedryl works because it's got an antihisthamine in it as well as a numbing agent, ice numbs it so you don't feel the itchiness and it reduces swelling, you can orally take tylenol or tylenol PM, or benedryl capsules to make your body calm down and resist itching and swelling so you can get a good sleep, you can take an anti anxiety medicine, lots of things. just go to that aisle of the drug store and you'll be in bug bite heaven.

Annie L
Benedril, Benedril, Benedril.
You might feel drunk for a little bit, but it is worth it.
Ice, doesn't work.
If you have heard of something called, After-Bite, it works for me and is great!
If you absolutely have to itch, don't itch as hard, it only makes it itchier. =[
Hope I helped! Good Luck!

Alcohol works well! Just put in on a cotton ball and dab it on the bites. Ice kinda numbs it, so you dont really feel anything. Benadryl is a bit drastic, but it WILL work!! [that I can pretty much guarantee] Ummm...yeah you dont need to scratch it, but its really hard so just try your best!! Sometimes I even put a Bandaid over the bite so I wont scratch it. GOOD LUCK!!!

Alcohol works but I don't know why. Also, clear finger nail polish works. My grandma used to put this on our mosquito bites and they didn't itch anymore.

Saga T
Sometimes baking soda and water, mixed into a paste and applied to the bites can be soothing. Also, there's a product called "after bite" which contains ammonia that can help.

Honestly, if you dont know that the bug bite is there, it doesn't itch. What I always do is think about something else. Try watching TV, talking to a friend or family member, do anything you can to keep your mind off it. If you forget it's there, it wont itch. Sometimes I even put a bandage over it, so I don't see it. It works for me, I hope it works for you too!

The best product for the immediate relief of bug bites is pure Tamanu Oil. You probably have never heard of it as it is not well known outside the South Pacific countries. This oil comes from the nuts of the Tamanu Tree. It is a deep, luxurious oil with a strong nutty smell. On large areas it can have a drying effect so an even better product is Tamanu Butter - not so strong-smelling and has the added moisturizing components of virgin coconut oil and cocoa butter. Just apply it over the sensitive areas morning and night and you'll be in for a great night's sleep!

Lanacane or Itch-x work very, very well.

it may sound strange but buy yourself a bottle of household amonia and use a cotton ball to dab it on your bites it will sting for a second but the itch will go away . it basically is the same thing that put in those expensive bug bite preps they sell in drugstores

Ammonia! Put it on with a cotton ball. Keep applying it every time it itches. If you've already scratched and the skin is broken, it will sting; also, the fresher the bite, the more effective the ammonia. It stinks, but when we had a flea infestation, it was the only way I could get my ankles to stop itching long enough to get to sleep!

I understand that, on one of Thor Hyderdahl's adventures, a Portuguese Man-O-War stung one of his crewmenbers. The man became very sick and was not recovering, so the crew all peed in a bucket and they bathed his stings with the pee (lots of ammonia in pee), and he recovered. Kinda gross, but nice to know if you're in trouble from a bite/sting and you're far from civilization.

arty BuildER
try apple cider vinegar mixed with equal part water, or white vinegar straight

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